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 Idea of Feud

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Matt Chalot

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PostSubject: Idea of Feud    Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:17 pm

You choice the wrestlers :

1 : TagTeam Championship: Table of Championship:

Team 1 vs Team 2; Team 3 vs Team 4
Winner: Team 2 (Heel Team) Winner: Team 4 (Face Team)

Finale: Team 4 won the final and get a match against the current champions but Team 2 (preference twins team or brother team), dissatisfied attack Team 4 but can not seem to defeat and finally Team 2 digs and goes backstage while the team celebrates their four victories.

2 : Quarrel heart:

A team dissolves because of divas who charmed the two men so they fight over who gets the woman and this eventually leads to a ladder match or a wedding ring will be called and whoever happens to win the ring will be the husband of the Divas but finally the divas choose her man because she assen a blow to one of the two and she walk away with the heel. (The match must be bloody).

3 : The stable formidable:

A wrestler will include a set of four wrestlers who will wrestle in his name and to win for their group. They will wins the major part of the titles of the federation and finally, the champion of the AXN will join the stable and it will be a war without thank you that will deliver the group and the rest of the roster of AXN. They will eventually dissolve it at a PPV where they will lose in 7 vs 7 Tag Team Elimination match.
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Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler

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PostSubject: Re: Idea of Feud    Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:22 pm

xD relax bro. dont wast much time on it right now. only ideas for now.
and we will need lead with Axn from johnnie. because now we are "1" fed, with 2 shows
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Idea of Feud
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