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 Lianon Idea storyline for 1 season

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Jack Tyler
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PostSubject: Lianon Idea storyline for 1 season   Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:14 pm

Lianon RP’s plan

Overall i will make my character work for the crowd for his own advantage, i will act as they hero but i’m only manipulating them to take a title shot in my debut season, i will act as face ineverypublic aparrence but off the camera i will be a asshole trying to hide it until i get my objective, my plan is reveal my true form in PPV. My RP plans will be:

Week 1: a.I’m arriving in UWF and be a asshole with the staff who will recive me or with GM

b. I come to the crowd and say who iam promise fight for them bla bla bla

Week 2: I try to get influence in UWF, with a fighter or VM/VGM and use them in my favor.

B. another public apparence with a random theme.

Week 3: a. i will start a feud for a title shot, iwill do this using the public, saying something, they love me, i’m fightning it i deserve a title shot

Week 4:if i get a shot i will taunt my opponent and show how he dont deserve that title

PPV: Title match, winning or losing i will show my true face, if its my loss i will attack the champion with cheap shots KO him, if you autorize steal his belt and then reveal my plans, if i win i will just make fun of everyone who fall in my trick.

Storyline: The new poster boy of UWF

Every fed has his poster boy and UWF cannot be different, that’s can be feud of who will be that guy, they can try make merchandising campaings every week and the staff/public/or by match deserve the title who the guy who will sell UWF merchandising on TV and internet the next season.

Storyline: Taking UWF over.

It can be the main storyline of UWF,a group of a new wrestler (me included) want to take over UWF taking advantage of many wrestler left in previous season, the first step is take over all title of federation, for this anything can be used.
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Lianon Idea storyline for 1 season
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