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 Heel Debut

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Tyler Black

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PostSubject: Heel Debut    Heel Debut  EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 7:17 am

The Camera turns from Arena to the Titantron were in an unallocated area Tyler M Ambrose pops on the screen as the camera zooms in close

Tyler Black: Uwf? Was and still is WORTHLESS! the rest in the locker room are so caught up in the hype of becoming that great  they can't see the picture see they can't be what i am and that's the biggest threat to this company.

Tyler Black:but Hey i still don't  give a rat's ass about any of them in the locker room, do they hate me? Sure, but does it bother me no. I am not here to be liked i am here to surpass everyone from Reigns to Cyclops, hell he I will even kick the living shit out of my own gm . But the point i am getting at  and the locker room should get the message you can shove the smirks on your mouths  just keep coming with the jokes gimmicks and all that crap. Fans get to these guys in the locker room and it tears them from reality , AND FOR WHAT Suppose does that gm make the only  thing the boss ever does is  throwing money around and soon enough he will kick you to  the curve in some damn alley way to let guys like me survive and fight for his entertainment!.

Tyler Black: I realize that if you want something done right? You gotta do it yourself. Which is why I'm here, I want to see you have your precious crown taken away from you. You'll be wishing someone else had done it because it's not a joke people because the only reason i am here is to come for..

[Tyler Black would pause and a sinister grin would come across his face before speaking these final, chilling lines]

Tyler Black:your head that's what I really want.

Tyler Black stops talking as the camera goes to commercial
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Heel Debut
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