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 2nd show rp interview in the cards

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Widow Bianco

Widow Bianco

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PostSubject: 2nd show rp interview in the cards   Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:03 am

*Conan O'Brien and Sara Carbornero are back in office working out whom is to do the first UWF of the strange and wicked Widow sisters, also known as Web of Doom.

*Close up of door to office and knob turns slowly into a LOUD ARGUMENT

Sara Carbornero: NO I WON'T DO IT, YOU SEE THE CARNAGE LAST WEEK! Look Conan Your a man and well girls in group never a good idea and even worst being out numbered by those psychopaths with the chainsaw and Don with her guns knives piano wire, ice picks who knows. FORGET IT I REFUSE.

Conan O'Brien: Please, I have had some kooky guests in my times on late night[ They are coo-coo and heard they are " unarmed" for interviews. And they also being women capable to sweep the tag division like bulldozer. Sighs, (puts hand on chin then as if a light bulb was turned on ) EUEREKA I HAVE IT!

Sara Carbornero: What Conan?what is it? with a gleam of hope in her eyes.

Conan O'Brien: Rock, Paper, Scissors for it.

Sara Carbornero: (Laught) You're on

*They quickly put their hands in and chant* (Rock Paper Scissor SHOOT!!..................)
Conan throws hand flat For Paper
But Sara Carbornero was quick to counter with Scissors. "SCISSORS CUT PAPER !! WINNER SARA. Ha HA i win, TOLD you."

*Conan looks sadly at floor and motions tears and catching them in the little pocket on his suit jacket.

Sara Carbornero: Conan GO (Hugs ) Good Luck come back alive ok?

Conan O'Brien:I'll Be Fine Trust me I interviewed at time or to and you know.........Faints on spot and falls to the floor.  Sara rushes to aid him and call for Help.

*Screen cuts back to Conan O'Brien with a blanket around his shoulders and a hot cup of cocoa and about to knock on door and the door opens by itself. The Camera Man and Conan trudge throw thick heavy red velvet curtains ang black cloths, candle lite by drippy candles and hint of Incense burning in the air.  They slowly open through the beaded curtain and view Widow Bianco gazing deep trance like state her green eyes focusing in center as her sister Thee Don shuffles a deck of cards quickly Las Vegas style.  

Conan O'Brien: Hello ladies Conan O'Brien here to interview you for UWF, if this is a bad time we , we could come back another time, hands almost pleading.

Thee Don: Take a seat and shut it up O'Brien and have seat chubby camera guy too, Well.....COME ON Hurry up MOVE IT!!

*Conan and Camera Guy almost knock into each other getting to seats.

Widow: You two want to know the future?

Conan O'Brien: Why Yes, of course I think we all do to some degree,.We use to do a skit with guest called year 2000 and ...........

Thee Don: Put lid on it carrot top, WE HOLD ALL THE CARDS GET IT!!! Wicked chuckled still shuffling cards through her fingers..
We at early age think I was 6 and Widow here was 8. I remember like it was yesterday it was later in afternoon and we just got done watch Legion Doom destroy yet another tag team and a deck of cards on dining room table. Widow in here Wonder Women pajamas and I in Sherah pajamas throw cards look at each other and snatch out of air two cards each with pointer and middle and and use the cards to then we would choose a card randomly to floor and turn it over and do tarot cards from a question we would ask.

*Widow nods and finally releases focus from crystal gazing orb. Yes sister dear see we have all had that person whom can almost finish your sentences.... It's not like that at all Conan, Its like winds kissing the cards as your heart races to a strike and you look down and fate is in your very hands. Do you know that feeling?

*Conan smiles big and nods yes at first then quickly turns to no and watch each sister faces whom stare him down as a captive of their sick amusement.

*Thee Don rains down the desk high into the ceiling fan and Widow and Thee Don throw are arms up with lightning speed as for told holding two cards each hiding them from everyone's view and Widow look up with her green eyes and Thee Don chimes in Thee Don: Pick a card, ANY CARD step right up everyone's a winner.motion for Conan to pick card off the floor.

*Widow puts her free hand on Conan's lips and whispers loud enough for camera

Widow Bianco:  Show no one the card, not even camera , all will be reveled. SISTER SPIRITS HEAR ME!! TELL US THE UWF TAG CHAMPIONS VS WEB OF DOOM WHO? TELL US YOUR WISDOM !!!

*Lighting and thunder crack and Conan jumps to sound trembling asks Conan O'Brien: What is it , we all would like who would win and future .

*Widow grins and cackles Patience, your sweating , breathe deeply......Sister Dear as you say " CALL EM'"

*Thee Donn revels two cards she holding in hand are Queen of spades and Queen of Diamonds face up verted.
Widow explains: Queen of Spades is lady of death's suit appropriately this is my little half sister as you  folks know as Thee Don Black Widow ruthless and cutthroat and the pretty and sharp queen of diamonds is me calm till someone off sets my my last nerve.

*Widow pauses and smiles and fans her cards open to all to see two Jacks, the Jack of hearts and Jack of clubs inverted. Widow sneers" these are current champions, Oh No they are inverted, tisk tisk guys a dark stormy steak of bad luck is in forecast , but guys there's hope.

Widow Bianco: THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU, get excited Conan show us your card,......

Conan flips the card over and its' Ace of Spade verted and Conan asks

Conan: Is that good?"

Thee Don grins and takes a drag of her cigar.

Widow Bianco: Depends O'Brien, On what side of Ace you're on Darlin (Widow and Don laugh hysterically and both answer in unison) THE DEATH CARD!!!

*Conan falls back out of his chair and quickly back pedals toward way he and camera guy came in and professional regroups to say well ladies good luck to you two against them in future and thank you for a memorable interview, I think,come on lets make a break , feet don't fail me now,

Thee Don yells back

Thee Don: let that think in all of yous home to........."

Widow: You have been warned Doom is coming and you'll be ensnared in web of pain and the humiliation of gut wrenching failure that that gold belts both of you and lay it in front of our feet as we look down at you like insects, insignificant, annoying pest that must be exterminated like the sick and depraved vermin they are are. It's almost cute as they huddle and train as hard as they might that they be cast as side as the broken trash of empty shelled their former glory. And OUR REIGN OF APOCALYPTIC PROPORTIONS. BREATHING, THRIVING, PICKING UP SPEED< AND DESTROYING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN IT'S PATH, Just as nature has intended.

*The Don grins with arms folded and Widow slinks back into her chair a bit to rest herself as if a switch had just been shut off.
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Thee Don Black Widow

Thee Don Black Widow

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PostSubject: Re: 2nd show rp interview in the cards   Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:29 am

nice, sis. jump gun don't ya but I like it.
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Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler

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PostSubject: Re: 2nd show rp interview in the cards   Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:38 pm

dear's, you and your "sister" need edit all rp's. i cant use it anymore. i dont understand nothing of your rp :S

try be normal :S
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PostSubject: Re: 2nd show rp interview in the cards   

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2nd show rp interview in the cards
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