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 A New Person Arrive

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A New Person Arrive Empty
PostSubject: A New Person Arrive   A New Person Arrive EmptyWed Aug 13, 2014 9:51 am

*TitanTron Flashes On Playing The Music Of The Wrestler while Showing All The Greates Matches The Wrestler Has Fought*

*Ultrakev Makes his Way To The Ring*

*The Fans Were Cheering So Loud of The Arrival Of Ultrakev*

*ultrakev Grabs A Mic*

Ultrakev : Finnaly!!!

*Stops For a while as The Fans Where Cheering so Loud at UWF*

Ultrakev : Finnally !!! I Get to Lay a foot on This Ring and I gotta say that ultra is Gonna ROCK THIS BUILDING TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! .

*Fans Chanting UWF*

Fans : UWF!!! UWF!!!! UWF!!!!

ultrakev : Tonight Will Be A Special Night Cause This Is The Arrival Of Ultrakev. I Would Like To Thank The Fans For Giving Me a Great Welcome well The Reason That all The Wrestlers got Confindent that They would win because the Fans Were Giving Them The Confident Without the Fans We Are Nothing. So I Would Like To Ask The Fans To Cheer Their Best To The Wrestler Who is Fighting For You and Everyone who has been Giving Everything To Compete For UWF!!!.

Ultrakev : Also I gotta say something to my opponent tonight , RampageGigante .

Ultrakev : Rampage I gotta tell you something . Pls Hear Cause This Is Important . Tonight All UWF Fans , Wrestler and the GM Will Witness Ultrakev Kicking The as Of RampageGigante . You must believe in that.

Ultrakev : Also One More thing . When I Catch You With a Finito You Will Not Be Able To Walk, Talk and Compete For ONE WHOLE WEEK . Believe In That!!.

*Ultrakev Leaves The Ring While All The Fans Chanting His Name*

Fans : Ultra!!!!! Ultra!!!!! Ultra!!!!!
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A New Person Arrive
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