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 Vote for me as UWF Best Newcomer 2014

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era dynamics

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PostSubject: Vote for me as UWF Best Newcomer 2014   Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:22 pm

The scene starts with Era Dynamics in her Evil M.D. sitting in a chair, she’s reading “The Dark Half” by Stephen King. Igor is at her side, with sunglasses on its face and a glass of orange juice by its side.

Era Dynamics: He didn’t know if that was really true or not, but he discovered something which was tremendously liberating: he didn’t care. He was very tired of thinking and thinking and still not knowing. He was also tired of being frightened, like a man who has entered a cave on a lark and now begins to suspect he is lost. Stop thinking about it, then. That’s the solution.

Era stops reading and looks at the camera.

Era Dynamics: Yo, Little brats. Wazzup? I was just reading here one of my latest acquisitions. But soon, I have to go, I have a match today. It’s against Bartolomeo. Now Bartolomeo may think he’s the best and the greatest around town, but I’m the best and the greatest around town. He thinks he can defeat me, but he’s wrong you see? I will defeat him! You know why? Because I’m super awesome and he’s an ugly mental disordered guy and I’m better than him at everything ever. I once played Slender with Bartolomeo, and he lost. Yes, you heard that right! I also won against him at Chess, being awesome, and the “Who stabs the old man faster?”. I also have better musical, cinematic and culinary taste than him. I heard he doesn’t even like Justin Bieber. Now, everyone knows that grilled Bieber is the best food around. And finally, but not least, well, actually least… I am not a mental disordered person, like he is. That’s why you should vote on me for UWF Best Newcomer 2014.

Era Dynamics grabs Filth by Irvine Welsh and continues reading as the scene fades to black.
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Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler

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PostSubject: Re: Vote for me as UWF Best Newcomer 2014   Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:49 pm

amazing dear Razz
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Vote for me as UWF Best Newcomer 2014
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