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 WEB OF DOOM enters UWF arena for first time.

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Widow Bianco

Widow Bianco

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PostSubject: WEB OF DOOM enters UWF arena for first time.   Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:54 pm

The Arena's lights blackout
Simon Cowell: What's going on? We forget to pay the electric bill ?
Timberlake: Not sure Simon

Cradle of Filth's cover of Misfit's Death Comes Ripping blares through speakers followed by gun fire and a high growl of running chainsaw.
Some folks in crowd hide under their seats in fear other boo and some cheer.
Simon: Who or what is this? They armed? Call security.
Timberlake:Wait is that two ladies? Who's the redhead with all stuff on her face she sure is tall?

Thee Don wearing her Fedora hat double fisting two shiney handguns and Widow wearing a tight black shiny vinyl caat suit wielding violently a Barbie pink Chainsaw filling air with smoke.

They reach the apron and turn to the crowd holding their hands high above making the spider hand gesture before entering between the ropes.
Crowd is mix of boos and cheers some decide to do the spider hand gesture back other decline.

They call for a mic and Thee Don winks at Al Pacino and thanks him.

Widow Bianco: UWF this is your Black Sunday. The Tag Division WILL never be the same. As you see we have two titles on each shoulders The Dead Souls and AXN tag team titles which we ARE UNDEFEATED, but you also notice our sexy hips doesn't have a gold strap around it. They swing their hips and motion with their hands a belt should be there.UWF you will be the TRIFECTA the third is our reign as the Most Dominate Tag Team on the planet.

Thee Don: So, here's an offer yous can't refuse, Who ever your number one contenders are for tag titles WE WANT YOU if you got the stones. UWF tag champs you better take a long hard look of them title belts, maybe take a selfie for internet, maybe give it a last kiss goodbye cause they are coming home to these hips after we 86 your contenders.

Widow: Right sister dear, We felt would only be fair to let the number one contenders feel the wrath of WEB OF DOOM first to see what a REAL TAG TEAM is like. When you return from hospital realized you just got your (censored) beat in by two ladies, then on to the Champs. WEB OF DOOM is here let the destruction begin.

Widow starts her chainsaw and tears the turnbuckles to shreds as Thee Don shoots holes into post as stray bullets rickashay  above the crowd.
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Thee Don Black Widow

Thee Don Black Widow

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PostSubject: Re: WEB OF DOOM enters UWF arena for first time.   Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:05 am

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WEB OF DOOM enters UWF arena for first time.
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