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 Fulgores bio

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PostSubject: Fulgores bio   Fulgores bio EmptyTue Aug 05, 2014 11:14 pm

Name: Fulgore
Race: Cyborg
Age: 3 years
Height: 6'6
Weight: 560 Lbs
Last known location: CLASSIFIED
Finisher moves:
Devastation Beam

Fulgore slashes his plasma claws as his eyes glow a bright red
Fulgore spreads his arms as his chest plate seperates revealing his nuclear power core, Fulgore then launches a giant laser hitting the opponent with great force executing Devastation beam

Plasma blast- Fulgore launches a plasma round at the announce table

No mercy- Fulgore launches a plasma round into the audience and laughs at their pain.


A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, Fulgore was entered into the Killer Instinct tournament as a final test of its combat capabilities. Once its abilities are proven, mass production will begin.

Extended Story
One of Ultratech's latest creations and possibly the most dangerous to date, Fulgore is the first in a planned series of cybersoldiers boasting state-of-the-art armouries, worked at feverishly over the last few years by a particularly erratic Ultratech genius and his team of Asian engineers. Dark rumours abound as to where the prototype's human parts originated - the kind of rumours nobody dares voice. The rumors say the human parts originated from a human organ harvesting operation based in Moscow. Before the Fulgore Mk.I model is even finished, the scientists are already working on an upgrade: and to prove the prototype's ultimate worth, it is entered into the tournament with orders to destroy all opposition.

Stage: Industrial Warehouse

Fulgore has recently been hired on as an enforcer of the company.
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Fulgores bio
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