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 Who does he think he is

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Who does he think he is Empty
PostSubject: Who does he think he is   Who does he think he is EmptySun Aug 03, 2014 10:59 am


(Inferno is seen in the locker room getting ready for his match with Monkonro Jr as Conan O'Brien and a camera crew walks in)

Conan O'Brien: Inferno you got a minute for a quick interview

Inferno: Sure Conan I have a few minutes

Conan O'Brien: I am here to talk to you about your match with Monkonro Jr later he said to Sara earlier that your win last week was basically..... I don't know any other way to say this, a fluke

Inferno: Who does he think he is, a fluke, he said my win was a fluke. Did you all see the beat down he gave me, I still came out and beat him into the ground. He has some real nerve calling me out on my abilities to call my win a a fluke

Conan O'Brien: He did say that you were resilient, that's probably the only positive thing he said about you

Inferno: That's because I am resilient, I can wrestle harder, for longer than most people, I have been training for the last decade to get in the business

Conan O'Brien: He also said he was going to bob and weave against your moves, how are you going to answer that

Inferno: Like I always do, as soon as that bell rings it's going to be an all out assault and tonight I will prove that my win last week wasn't a fluke with my Final Frontier and knock him into next week

Conan O'Brien: Thanks for your time Inferno and good luck tonight

Inferno: Not a problem Conan O'Brien

(Conan and the camera crew leave the locker room but still hear Inferno say)

Inferno: A fluke, a fluke. I will show him a fluke
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Who does he think he is
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