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 Bartolomeos "crazy" debut

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Bartolomeos "crazy" debut Empty
PostSubject: Bartolomeos "crazy" debut   Bartolomeos "crazy" debut EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 2:04 pm

Bartolomeo's music comes in, Bartolomeo comes out of backstage and walks down the ring, slides in and raise the microphone to this mouth

Bartolomeo: Hey, so I am fighting someone named... hold on *gets a piece of paper out* Shawn... layback? he sounds weak to me, hmm...

The crowd boos at Bartolomeo

Bartolomeo: HEY! HEY! who asked for your opinion? hmm... you know what... *Bartolomeo takes out a bomb and throws it at the crowd* take this!

The crowd all run away from the bomb, waiting for the explosion... then the next second nothing happens, they move close to it to realize they were tricked, that it's actually just a black tennis ball, the crowd boos again at Bartolomeo

Bartolomeo: I don't need any of you! Fine, I'll prove to you that I'm not just some "rookie" I am tougher then you think, in-fact! I will make the biggest crew in this federation! hmm... what will the name be...

The crowd just stays silent, Bartolomeo is talking to himself

Bartolomeo: The Barto Club? no... too self-promoting... Barto Cartel! no... that's not good... Meo Cartel? no no no... that's close to saying "meow" hmm... I got it!

the crowd listens in closely

Bartolomeo: It shall be the Barto Club!

the crowd boos at Bartolomeo

Bartolomeo: Hmm... I feel like I need to go to the bathroom... in-fact...

Bartolomeo walks to the side of the ring, puts his pants down and starts peeing outside the ring, the crowd looks away and boo at him

Bartolomeo: What?! why are you all booing at me for just acting like a normal human being??? pfft, animals...

Bartolomeo is done and pulls back up his pants and leaves the ring, and back to backstage.
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Bartolomeos "crazy" debut
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