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 And the oscar goes to .....

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era dynamics

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And the oscar goes to ..... Empty
PostSubject: And the oscar goes to .....   And the oscar goes to ..... EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 12:02 am

This scene starts with Era Dynamics sitting on a table, she's wearing a pair of glasses and looking at some papers.

Era Dynamics: Hello, next we're going to present you the Sunday Undisputed Award for Most Awesome Person in the world. The nominees are Era Dynamics, Sean Sands, Morgan Freeman and your mother. And the winner is.... Era Dynamics!

She throws her glasses out and takes out a Oscar from under the table and hugs it.

Era Dynamics: Thank you, thank you all for this. It really matters to me. Thank you to all my fans and followers. And thank you to John Cena, The Rock and Justin Bieber for never having meet them in my life. Also, thanks to Morgan Freeman, Sean Sands and all of your mothers for not being nearly as awesome as me. And a very special thanks to me, because without me I wouldn't be who I am now.

She throws the oscar to the garbage.

Era Dynamics: I'm better than you, is what I'm trying to say and soon you all will bow for me as your new queen.

The scene fades out into flames ending with only two burning eyes of her as we hear Era Dynamics laughing maniacal .
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And the oscar goes to .....
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