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 It was just a Blip

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Monkonro Jr.

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It was just a Blip Empty
PostSubject: It was just a Blip   It was just a Blip EmptyWed Jul 30, 2014 2:39 pm

*Monkonro Jr is found pacing up and down his locker room with a face full of anger mixed with a hint of anxiety. Quietly, the camera crew followed by Sara Carbornero creep into his locker room and approaches him directly with a flurry of questions.

Sara Carbonero: Monkonro can you tell us what happened in that match aganist Inferno?

Monkonro Jr.: Understand this, Inferno got the best of me last week. However, you all saw the cheap shot he gave me before the match even started. I got tagged but i was lucky to deal with him. That Answer you question?

Sara Carbonero: To Be brutally honest, That sounds like an excuse for him dominating the match as you gave him a devastating blow to the back of his head causing minor injuries.

Monkonro Jr: (Angrily) Inferno is a resilient Wrestler. Okay I hit him too but you got to look at it this way he's okay i'm the best he only snagged a couple of shots at me,Unfairly too,but still a couple of shots. I was dazed and injured but not from the match but the altercation before that match.

Sara Carbonero: What do you look to do to Inferno tonight, and how will it be done?

Monkonro Jr: (Sarcastically) I'm Gonna bob and weave and maybe score a touchdown tonight. (Normally) I'm gonna do what i always look to do and that's hit somebody with a Industry of cool and pin 'em 1..2..3 right in the middle of the ring and oh it will be done that way.

Monkonro Jr. look straight at the camera.

Monkonro Jr. : And it will be done. That's all for now folks come back when i crush inferno.
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It was just a Blip
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