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 I'm Sorry and you are?

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era dynamics

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I'm Sorry and you are? Empty
PostSubject: I'm Sorry and you are?   I'm Sorry and you are? EmptyMon Jul 28, 2014 4:34 pm

The scene starts outside, in the parking lot area, where we can see Era Dynamics arguing with a guard. The camera approaches so we can hear what they were saying.

Guard: I’m sorry, but I can’t let you inside backstage we have no one in the roster with such a name.

Era Dynamics: I have a contract! Look it up!

Guard: For the seventh time, miss, there’s no “Era Dynamics” in the roster.

Era Dynamics: Look it up! First name “Era”, second name “Dynamics”.

Guard: We have a Queen of hardcore in here.

Era Dynamics: Is her first name “Era”?

Guard: No…


Guard: Look, woman, you’ll never get in screaming to me like that.

Era Dynamics: Do you even know who you’re talking to?

Guard: No, which is why I’m doing this.

Era Dynamics: I’m going to murder you with some evil machine… EVENTUALLY!

Guard: Right… Okay miss, I have to ask you to leave now.

As the two argue, a black blur zooms past behind Era Dynamics. She turns to look, but is a bit too late. Her eyes hook onto something off camera though, we can only assume who ever is on the motorcycle parked the bike.

Era Dynamics: Look! A BLACK!

Guard: That’s pretty racist, miss.

Era Dynamics: The motorcycle, bro… the motorcycle.

As she’s talking once more, the motorcycle rider walks up in full black motorcycle gear complete with a black full helmet on. As he is walking up to them, he removes the helmet, revealing himself to be none other than Zeno Kichi. Once he reaches them, he looks at both of them with a bit of confusion, noticing a bit of tension between the two.

Zeno Kichi: Is there an issue?

As he asks the question, his eyes go from the guard down to the much shorter Era Dynamics. She starts pointing at the guard and jumping around angrily.

Era Dynamics: This guy! THIS GUY! I’m a official member of the roster, a future champion, and the best at...uh… what do we do here again?

Guard: Wrestling.

Era Dynamics: That. And he still doesn’t let me get in!

For a moment, Zeno just stands there staring at her then over at the guard.

Zeno Kichi: Don’t you watch the show? She was on Undisputed Sundays this past weekend.

Apparently, Zeno Kichi recognizes her from the last show. Era Dynamics points at Zeno kichi, while looking at the guard with her eyes wide open. Her blue spheres completely showing. The guard seems to just back off a bit to allow them through apparently.

Era Dynamics: AH! Take that you… uh… uh…

She pats Zeno Kichi in the chest. This causes Zeno Kichi to just stare at her blankly.

Era Dynamics: Chinese guy, gimme a chinese insult.

Zeno Kichi: . . . I am Japanese . . . Why don’t you just go inside instead of continuing this conversation?

Era Dynamics: Well, okay, fine, Mr. Japanese. My name is Era Dynamics, by the way.

She offers her hand for Zeno Kichi to shake. Zeno, not one to be rude, takes her hand and shakes it.

Zero Kichi: I am Zero Kichi. Shall we go inside now instead of loitering…?

Era Dynamics: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Loitering is not cool

They both go inside, but Era Dynamics does not abstain from pulling her tongue out to the guard.

Guard: Welcome to UWF… miss Dynamics. May you get some beatings.

She laughs and skips her way inside alongside Zeno kichi, who doesn’t know exactly what to make of her based on the look on his face. The scene slowly fades out.
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I'm Sorry and you are?
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