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 Era Dynamics Professional E fed wrestling career

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era dynamics

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Era Dynamics Professional E fed wrestling career Empty
PostSubject: Era Dynamics Professional E fed wrestling career   Era Dynamics Professional E fed wrestling career EmptyWed Jul 23, 2014 10:26 pm

Era Dynamics born at 2 may 1980 is a Dutch professional wrestler now rising in the galaxy far far away of Apeldoorn,The Netherlands.

Professional wrestling career


In late 2007, she joined the Wrestling game under the name "LuFisto" as rookie . She also began appearing at High Impact Wrestling Ascosiation Agent  shows in the game at this point.

By mid-2008, working for Blackthorn Wrestling Entertainment  in several places, LuFisto changed her name to Little Voodoo doll. At BTWE, Little Voodoo doll was teaming with Friend and manager JR Bonecrusher to form the "Partners in Crime" in many mixed gender tag-team and singles bouts.

Establishing herself as a fierce competitor in inter-genter matches in the Federation, on February 11th 2009, Little voodoo doll also became the first female in The Wrestling Game to win a Last Blood championship at Inter-Championship Wrestling.That's also where she developed her hardcore style.

In the meantime, Era was booked to appear in the main event of Blood, Sweat N' Ears in a table death match. The Wrestling  Commission, citing a regulation that prevented women and men from wrestling each other, threatened to withdraw the license for the show. This essentially banned Era from wrestling in the ppv's. The upset female wrestler lodged a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.


A year later, Little voodoo doll finally became Era Dynamics, a name inspired by Era what refers to a long period of history and Dynamics what stands for the time evolution of physical processes.  It's while training in Japan with Mr Pain and his Insane Wrestling Federation that she discovered her Super Hardcore Anime persona: Brutal violence juxtaposed with extreme cuteness!

She then moved to Montreal, Japan where all cute and violent French animes live! The colourful character kept going on the hardcore road to success with great battles with Kojo Styles and some more fights against Emma Frost in Mexico!

On May 10th 2011, Era Dynamics once again made history by stepping in the Archetype Wrestling Entertainment  yellow and black ring to become the first woman to participate in Best of the Best Tournament. Although she lost to Vivica Lockhart in the match before the ppv called Heaven shall Burn, she was voted Best of the Best People's Choice champion by the ATW fans!

A Season later she had the worst moment of her carreer, Not only her manager Jack Johnson left her becouse of her change where her soul became corupted by the dark spirits but also she lost her chance to the synthetic Breed Title becouse travis Touchdown interrupted and helped vivica lockhart to hold her title on the ppv called Edge of Sanity.

2011- 2012

After she survived the attack from Vivica Lockhart and Phenom the vampire lord she escaped from the dark lord and his minions for learning to control her anger problem, only she had one problem. She didn't know how and so she tried to go back to her old friend Jack Johnson only this went not good.

She was still full of hate and because of she lost her control over her bloodlust she destroyed Jack Johnson and his members in his federation called Showtime Wrestling. The reason of it was that JUack Johnson signed Phenom with the plan to stop her and silence her forever.

Faith chose her way and because of Phenom went back to his federation to build up his minnions , Jack Johnson lost the battle and showtime wrestling was closed. Era Dynamics still in her bloodlust flee to the mountains and hide herself in the outerrealms for the human race to protect them and herself for her bloodlust.

Untill .... A girl called Alexis went to the holy ground and summoned her for her help to defeat the evil in the human world because even people like Apocalypse turned into chaos. She opened a new fed called Arrow as a union to stop them with the knowledge and expertiece from Era Dynamics past. How it will work out ? Era Dynamics quit in 2013 because of a second child in real life and toke a break to put quality time for her children.

2014 - ....

Era Dynamics is back after a year and have now time enough again to spend for twg in real life, she started at 24 july 2014 at server 3 and is ready for a new adventure with new people in a server with differend settings. would she come back and become a new queen of hardcore? we will see as she takes her costume out of the dust and fight again from the bottom to the top as a missionary of violence and create a new path of blood and destruction.
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Era Dynamics Professional E fed wrestling career
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