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 Monkonro Jr. Bio

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Monkonro Jr.

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PostSubject: Monkonro Jr. Bio   Monkonro Jr. Bio EmptyWed Jul 23, 2014 7:34 am

Real Name: Mattew Elderbrook
            Ring Name: Monkonro JR.
Height: 6,0ft
Weight: 276ibs
Hometown: Chicago,Illinois
Theme: "Industry of Cool" by the Melismatics
Finisher: Industry Of Cool(Fireman Carry) and UWF hold(koji clutch
Trademarks: Samoan Drop, Brain Squeezer and Double axe handle
Monkonro was a high school drop out as his love for pro wrestling caused him to powerbomb someone at breaktime. Bullied and pressured by his coach Matthew wanted to quit but his passion, love, energy and fury was devoted to wrestling so he carried on and found championship after championship following in his father's foot steps slowly Matthew became better than his dad and then he found UWF were he wa determined to shine.
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Monkonro Jr. Bio
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