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 Inferno Bio and Gimmick

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Inferno Bio and Gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Inferno Bio and Gimmick   Inferno Bio and Gimmick EmptySat Jul 19, 2014 7:47 pm

Inferno Bio and Gimmick 161hp92

Real Name: Jamie
Ring Name: Inferno
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 285 lbs/ 20 stone
Alignment: Face
Hometown: N/A
Fighting Out Of: Hell's Gate
Theme: Linkin Park - New Divide (Instrumental)


When Inferno was a kid he watched wrestling with his parents every Sunday, he said to his mum and dad that one day he wanted to be a professional wrestler, They both said nothing and looked blankly at each other then both looked at him, he could tell by there expression that they were worried about it as they have seen many people get injured in the ring. A few days later his dad told told "Do you really want to be a wrestler as you have seen its a dangerous sport and lots of people have been injured." Inferno replied "Its what he wanted to do and that mum would agree with him about it."

Fast forward 12 years later

Inferno had found a little independent wrestling not to far from his home town so he decided to try out, the promoters of this little company were impressed and they said they would be in touch in a few days. A few days past and he had heard no news from them so he started to look for another promotion while keeping up a job working in a bar. Later that night while working at the bar, one of the promoters came into the bar he worked and he asked him " I haven't heard anything from you yet, what is happening." "that's why I came by, because I have this for you." it was an envelope and when he opened it, it was a contract to this little company.

Inferno had won his first few matches but then he went on a 2 month losing streak and no matter what he could do he couldn't win so he asked for some time off thinking "will I ever come back to the business." 6 months while was away he suffered tragedy as his father had passed away from a heart attack and it was the inspiration that fired him up to return to the ring. After a further 2 months away, he came back to the company but something changed him me, a darkness had come over him, he came back with a new attire including a mask and week after week he was winning, it went on and on until he came the Champion. On the way to being Champion he put 2 people in the hospital. He then left the company as champion to tryout for UWF, then he got a big break and after a few days wait he got a contract from UWF and now he has the same attire but now he has managed to control his power and anger.


A masked individual that has a dark-side to him when he loses control of his emotions
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Inferno Bio and Gimmick
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