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 Mystogan Bio

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PostSubject: Mystogan Bio   Mystogan Bio EmptySat Jul 19, 2014 6:47 pm

Mystogan Bio 2cz4tp10

Real Name: ????
Ring Name: Mystogan
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 185 lbs/13 stone
Alignment: Tweener
Hometown: Edolas
Fighting Out Of: Edolas
Theme: Skillet - "Not Gonna Die"

Mystogan is a strange person who likes to keep to himself. He always used to help people without needing a thank you of any sort. After becoming a wrestler Mystogan realized with that attitude he would never get to the top. So he decided it's time to worry about him and do what benefits him the best. So he decide help when its something for him and take out every one else that he didn't need. After realizing his power Mystogan came to the UWF to take over and to dominate. To make sure everyone knew who he was so they could fear him and for anyone who got in his way one this path..... He promised to destroy them one by one until his dream became reality.

If anyone wants to hear his theme song   
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Mystogan Bio
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