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 this is help you know what is rp.

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PostSubject: this is help you know what is rp.   Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:24 pm

Please observe these basic guidelines when submitting your roleplay segment to be used in HOW shows. By following these basic formatting guidelines, you will make roleplay insertion into shows go considerably easier for the HOW staff, and the General Manager does review roleplay segments as they are submitted before moving them to the archive. Players who more closely follow the guideline and ease the burden on the staff will be noticed and remaining in favor is never a bad thing when heading to the contract negotiation table.

1. No swearing, mask swearing, or potentially offensive language in segments. If you feel that you need to add to your wrestler's energy level with harsh language, you can add *censored* in place of bad language, but don't take it overboard.

2. NPCs (non-playable characters) listed in the 'High Octane NPCs' thread of the 'Roleplay Information' topic are available for use within your roleplay segments, but be mindful of the characteristics of the NPC. Christina Chase is not attracted to your wrestler, sorry.

3. Wrestlers listed in the 'High Octane Inactive Wrestlers' thread of the 'Roleplay Information' topic are also available for use within your roleplay segments, but be mindful as they will have characteristics associated with them likely drawn up from their introduction.

4. Wrestlers not listed in the 'High Octane Inactive Wrestlers' thread of the 'Roleplay Guidelines' area on the forum may not be used in your roleplay segment unless they provide their own lines as a separate post in your segment's forum thread. You are encouraged to interact with other HOW members and urge them to interact with your segments.

5. For the sake of conformity and easy reading in shows, please write your roleplay segments in the format of the example listed below. Do not worry about coloring or making areas bold, simply write actions on their own line surrounded by the * symbol, and place the name of the person speaking in front of what they are saying when you are writing a speaking part.

Acceptable Roleplay Example
*Kuzan appears at the top of the ramp with a new entrance theme. Only 2 of the entourage remain from last season, and the red carpet is nowhere to be seen. Entering the ring, Kuzan asks for a mic from ringside.*

Kuzan: As you may have noticed, some things have changed in the last season of Warriors of the Mat. I came and I promised you a fighter you could be proud of. I promised that I was not just another pretty face and a D-list celebrity trying to keep my name in the tabloids. I promised that the best wrestler was going to win cleanly in my matches.

*Kuzan starts to hang his head in disappointment.*

Kuzan: But I failed to come through. Every time I stepped into this ring, I proved all the critics right. Maybe I was just a washed up actor looking to stay important. But the road to redemption, and the quest to be taken seriously as a competitor starts here and tonight! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to my motivation. The one person who made me realize the opportunities that await those who prepare and leave it all in the ring. Fans, I give you my new lead publicist, Christina Chase!

*Appearing from backstage, Christina quickly makes her way to the ring to stand beside Kuzan. She motions for him to give her the mic.*

Christina Chase: Thank you Kuzan for the trust you have placed in me. It has been a very busy off season folks! We have hired the best trainers in the business, and the result is the man you see in front of you today. The popularity that Kuzan has known in his past is nothing compared to what is to come.

Kuzan: And I thank you Christina for all of your hard work this off season. Together I believe we can take Warriors of the Mat to heights never achieved.

Christina Chase: The actor is gone, the wrestler remains. And I can assure you fans that you will not find a more promising technical prospect than the one standing before you.

Christina Chase: The road to redemption starts tonight. The best path to moving forward is to make up for mistakes of the past. We have arranged for a rematch of Kuzan's WotM debut against Adrian Crow. Week by week we will make up for past losses and Kuzan will prove himself the next main attraction by showing how far he can come in such a short time.

*Together, Christina and Kuzan leave the ring with the entourage members and head back stage to get suited up for the match later.*
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this is help you know what is rp.
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