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 Nova era in UWF

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PostSubject: Nova era in UWF   Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:37 pm

Suddenly the whole arena goes black and a clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing the greatest victories and most powerful moves of a unknown wrestler. When the clip finishes a red carpet is laid on the ramp from under the ‘Tron Lianon makes his way to the ring wearing a Giorgi Armani black tuxedo, a pair of Berluti shoes and rolex in his wist greeting the mob from the limousine's roof he leaves it within three Paparazzi who precede him taking many shots, when he reaches the ring the mat is covered with a red carpet.The crowd goes crazy, Lianon just walk in the ring looking to everyone and taking his time, finally he asks for a mic to assistant.

Lianon: Good night ladies and gentleman. With many effort and you support i'm the newest champion of UWF!

Crowd cheers!

Lianon: When a TRUE champion like me reach the top the things hava to change. That belt proofs that i'm superior and the other wrestlers are far behind. My duty is to keep things as they are, with high level wrestlers in federation who can give for the crowd the matches they deserve to watch.

Crowd cheers.

Lianon: And to reach that objective i will use any means necessary i will keep that title with my life and the fool who try to take it will feel not only my fury but of legion of beloed fans! Right?

Crowd: YES!

Lianon: Everyone be ready for a new era, any wrestler in UWF take care of you backs, Lianon is fancy looking for blood of the weak and don't deserve the title of fighter, i will clean the mess of that federation...
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Nova era in UWF
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