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 Death Graham attacking everyone in his path

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Death Graham attacking everyone in his path  Empty
PostSubject: Death Graham attacking everyone in his path    Death Graham attacking everyone in his path  EmptySun Nov 09, 2014 1:17 pm

*Death Graham walking back stage then just flips out and attacks a security guard*

Death Graham:whats wrong with me my head killing me those sister has twisting my mind

Colton : you ok death graham

*Death graham grabs steel chair and smashes over Colton head*

Death graham then grabs sledgehammer and looks for Thee Don Black Widow then hits Thee Don Black Widow in the gut then ddts her into chair

Death graham: how do like seeing your own blood now to find your sister shes going get pain

Widow Bianco : keep away from me you have lost it why so angry

Death graham: why so angry you tired me up now im not the same my head is losing it

*Death Graham Grabs Widow Bianco by the head smash head on the tables the throws her on the ground and punches her till she unresponsive*

*Half roster grabs Death Graham medical staff put me to sleep and puts me in car to medical fatalities*

Cameras fade
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Death Graham attacking everyone in his path
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