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 Death Graham escapes and tries to get revenge

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Lex Juggernaut

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PostSubject: Death Graham escapes and tries to get revenge    Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:07 am

*Death Graham Tired in chair with hands behind chair*

Death Graham: let me out right now before i break this chair and smash your heads in you have 10 seconds to decide right now

Death Graham: oh and general manager said if you dont make it to your match you lose your belts

Black widow: we will make it to our match we going right now

*Widow Bianco and Thee Don Black Widow go to the ring*

Death Graham: You won’t see me again

*Death Graham then does a jump in the chair and the chair smashes*

Death Graham: about time been tired up for a week by those two girls time to get some pay back

* after the match is over death graham music starts*

Widow Bianco: how i thought he was tired up

*Death graham runs into the ring grabs Thee Don Black Widow by the head and smashes her head into the metal turnbuckle and Thee Don Black Widow falls out of ring*

Death graham then grabs Widow Bianco tosses onto ground then

Death Graham grabs Widow Bianco's ankle
twisting it applying an Fantastic Soul Crusher
Death Graham keeps his ripping submission hold
Death Graham keeps his agonizing submission hold

*Death Graham then gets hit over the head with the bell and collapse to the ground*

*Medical staff comes in and puts death graham on a stretcher*

*Cameras fade out*
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Death Graham escapes and tries to get revenge
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