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 The Lunatic Einstein's 1st Experiment

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The Lunatic Einstein

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The Lunatic Einstein's 1st Experiment Empty
PostSubject: The Lunatic Einstein's 1st Experiment   The Lunatic Einstein's 1st Experiment EmptyFri Nov 07, 2014 11:15 pm

The crowd waits for one more incredible match to come so that they can feel the anxiety one more time. Therefore, an army of arms are raised as high as possible and just like mad dogs the public barks wildly. The lights turns out and for a second all the noise stops and at a glance the place gives a strange aura that something great is about to emerge. The next second, some odd tumult is heard. Then, music starts to play and a message appears on the titantron.

Time has passed since the beginning and change has come.

"Now we are at twenty-first century, the man fights to entertain those who can understand what is beneath the overwhelming desire to taste victory and glory, but still change has come once again. Change can be frightening friend but no one can ignore its necessity, before light there is darkness, before peace revolution is necessary. And so, revolution has come to UWF (Undisputed Wrestling Federation) Undisputed Sundays! And it has come with a single man..."

The Lunatic Einstein

Simon: What the hell?! I haven't heard anything about this! And who is this man? Revolution?! I mean... Revolution, really? What the hell is going here?! Are you kidding me?!

Timberlake: I am as blind as you! But pal, this is really something! No one knows who this Lunatic Einstein is or whatever but I must say that's how a presentation should be! The crowd is amazed and I can already say that everybody is looking up to see this Einstein dude!

And so conspiracy begins and turmoil is created among the crowd such as a infection. When finally the lights make a comeback, people start to look up as soon as they notice it. But if it ends here the surprised would be nothing more than like when we receive a present in Christmas and we know what it is but still we need to fake a smile. Then, another odd noise pierces the building! Sounding like a explosion! The public starts to get fussy probably thinking that the explosion could be some act of terrorism.

Simon: Oh my god! What was this?! Was it a bomb? You think this could have been the sound of an explosion of some kind? Wait... This means that we are under attack! Oh my beautiful king almighty god! Oh lord... Please save this humble vassal!

Timberlake: Calm down Simon! This must have a explanation, at least other than terrorism! And don't get all crazy if you do the crowd may also follow your lead!

The exact moment Timberlake shuts is mount a bigger explosion takes place! People start to scream in the heat of the moment and some stuff begins to fall down. Fortunately, after a short while the titantron turns on and starts to play some live records from somewhere inside the build. The place turns out to be where the explosion started. The place is all dirty, the halls are black as octopus ink, some weird stuff on the ground and many papers pretty much around everywhere. The image gets closer and closer and the place is such a mess... Suddenly, someone gets up from a mount of paper accumulated. Somehow he seems to be in an even greater mess than the place. He tries to walk near the camera, although he looks a bit dizzy. As he gets closer the crowd starts to notice that he is all dirty in his face and clothes. After seeing all the points it was obvious that this peculiar bloke was behind the weird explosions.

Simon: I don't understand what happened but at least seems that it isn't a terrorist attack and no one died!

Timberlake: You men you didn't died. You were really begging for your life. What a shame...

Simon: On my defense I was hoping that you'd get out of here without any harm. But more important, who is this mate?!

Strange Person: *Coffff* Coff!* Ahahah! What a experience! I think I should be more careful next time that I will touch in explosive material. But look at my shape... Ahahah! This was more fun than what I expected.

The man starts to look around for something, or it seems. After searching under a bunch of junk he stops and grabs something. The camera gets closer and now it is clear to see what that object was, and it was a notebook. As soon as he grabs it he starts to write on it. An explosion, a weird guy, a bunch of papers and a notebook, he really seemed like a actually scientist of some kind. Or at least a total nuts! He walks on the camera is direction once again.

Strange Person: Well, now he can talk... So, you people don't have to worry about something this little. It was just a... Let me see a word... A scream! Yes, just a scream, nothing more.

Timberlake: Whaaaaaaaaat? Just a scream?! Are you telling me that this was just a scream? This person really is insane.

Simon: We isn't just insane he is completly lunatic! Just look at that hair, what a mess!

The situation was rather strange liked unbelievable strange! The strange individual begins playing around with his face. Using his both hands to give a message that almost looked if his was wrinkling. Everybody seems unable to understand this mysterious man.

Strange Person: Ah so much better, we shouldn’t stress our face! Uh... So... I am... I mean... Pfff! Talk is so tiring after a experiment of this magnitude. So... I am... Ahahah! Who I am? I am The Lunatic Einstein!

Momentarily all the crowd starts to make a face of big surprise and they just remain like that for a long while. The expression couldn't be any more obvious, they couldn't believe it! Just the thinking that this strange man was The Lunatic Einstein, the Einstein that was making everybody so excited about his identity. To think that he could be someone so strange like him, someone so crazy likes him, someone so lunatic. The thought was unthinkable!

Simon: WHAT?! Are you serious?! God must be mocking me right now in the heavens!

Timberlake: W... We is Einstein? That Einstein?! He is so awkward, he can't possible be someone that will bring revolution to this show! HE just CAN'T!!!

The Lunatic Einstein: Don't be worried, things are coming! Close! So cya later!

He starts to run leaving the public frustrated for it, but he stops mid way and come back running once again.

The Lunatic Einstein: Oh... I almost forgot. GOD DOES NOT PLAY DICE!
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The Lunatic Einstein's 1st Experiment
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