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 A declaration of defiance

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A declaration of defiance Empty
PostSubject: A declaration of defiance   A declaration of defiance EmptyWed Nov 05, 2014 9:44 am


Camera pans around the crowd showing the thousands in attendance

Suddenly darkness fills the arena

As the chilling sound echos throughout the arena a thunderbolt strikes the entrance ramp and flames erupt, lining the way to the ring

Simon Cowel: "Finally! Someone with real talent! "

Timberlake:"...If you count being a jerk a talent then yeah i suppose your right. he does have real talent..."

Simon Cowel: "Such jealousy. It really doesn't become you Timberlake"


Simon Cowel: "...My point exactly"

As The Gatekeeper approaches the ring, he circles around examining the giant foreboding steel structure that stands tall in the center of the arena.

Riija picks up a microphone and makes his way to the center of the ring. As he brings the mic to his mouth the lights return and the darkness fades away

As the crowd boos and jeers, Riija glances around the arena arrogantly mouthing off to the fans.

Riija:"Ladies and Gentlemen... Boys and Girls... to cretins in attendance... And the millions of reprobates watching at home..."

Timberlake:"See what I mean Simon? He has to be a professional Jerk."

Riija:"Sit down... And shut up."

The Crowd erupt into a chorus of booing and jeering

Riija:"Once again, greatness graces you with its' presence. Not a single one of you troglodytes is worthy of being in the same room as me really..."

Riija:"But it is said that im a very generous man..."

The Crowds' booing and jeering intensifies

Riija:"Each and every week for the past few weeks I have graciously demonstrated to all of you, both the so-called wrestlers in the back, and the so-called people in attendance..."

Timberlake:"Oh come on! Was there a need for that cheap shot?"

Simon Cowel: "Cheap shot? He just calling it as he sees it..."

Riija:"...But like the true ingrates you are, not a single one of you has even so much as thanked me..."

The Crowds' reaction becomes irate

Timberlake:"thank him? THANK HIM!?! This guy is out of his mind?"

Riija turns to the crowd and laughs to himself in triumph

Riija:"Ok...Ok... simmer down children. If you all gonna act out, lets just cut to the chase."

Riija begins to parade around the ring, testing the strength of the cage that surrounds it.

Riija:"Simply put... This cage could the truest test of my greatness yet. There is no escape but over the top. And that's how I intend to leave it, right here, right now."

Riija:"Once again, I issue an open challenge to anyone with the fortitude..."

Riija turns his attention back to the entrance ramp

Riija:"Come and make a legend out of yourself, and step into the ring with greatness."

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A declaration of defiance
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