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 Directed to Portuguese Demon Jr

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Directed to Portuguese Demon Jr Empty
PostSubject: Directed to Portuguese Demon Jr   Directed to Portuguese Demon Jr EmptyThu Oct 30, 2014 10:04 pm

*The lights go off and a spotlight shines on the ramp as a superstar rises from the enterance.*
Gladneybo1: Wow, another sorry week here. What will it take to liven this place up?
*Gladneybo1 starts walking towards the ring*
Gladneybo1: I've been looking at some of the superstars here and a certain one caught my eye. This guy by the name of "The Portuguese Demon Jr". He wants to play the bad boy role in this fed, but I got some news for you.. I'm the baddest, and I will do anything to prove it to you. Well not as much as prove it to you as much as disprove your case in being the "baddest around." So Portuguese Demon Jr let the games begin.
*The lights go off*
*The lights slowly come back on and Gladneybo1 is gone*
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Directed to Portuguese Demon Jr
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