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 A Declaration of Domination

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PostSubject: A Declaration of Domination   A Declaration of Domination EmptyTue Oct 28, 2014 2:43 pm


Camera pans around the crowd showing the thousands in attendance

Suddenly darkness fills the arena

As the chilling sound echos throughout the arena a thunderbolt strikes the entrance ramp and flames erupt, lining the way to the ring

Simon Cowel: "Excellent! Its Riija Tiamat! "

Timberlake:"Yeah, great. This guy is a jerk. Acting like he's better than everyone around here"

Simon Cowel: "Well he is two for two in recent weeks, and you didnt seem in a rush to accept his challenge last week did you?"


Simon Cowel: "...My point exactly"

As The Gatekeeper enters the ring, flames erupt from the ringposts as sparks cascade to the ground

Riija picks up a microphone and makes his way to the center of the ring. As he brings the mic to his mouth the lights return and the darkness fades away

As the crowd boos and jeers, Riija glances around the arena arrogantly mouthing off to the fans.

Riija:"Ladies and Gentlemen... Boys and Girls... to cretins iin attendance... And the reprobates watching at home..."

Timberlake:"See what I mean Simon? Total Jerk."

Riija:"Sit down... And shut up."

The Crowd erupt into a chorus of booing and jeering

Riija:"Geez... whats with all the hostility?"

The Crowd intensify booing and jeering as Riija struts around the ring smiling to himself.

Riija raises his right arm and points to the crowd.

Riija:"Each and every one of you fans out there... you all try and lie about it, but you know it..."

Riija stops in the center of the ring and looks to the roof of the building


The crowd in attendance continue to voice their displeasure with the man stood before them.

Timberlake:"Ugh. I'm not sure how much more of this i can take..."

Simon Cowel: "Oh quit your whining Timberland. And show some respect. Can't you see we are in the presence of greatness."

Riija:"And last week, greatness wiped the floor with the USA Undisputed Champion..."

In a display of disrespect Riija spits at the floor before speaking the name of...

Riija:"...Zeno Kichi, proving to all that I am the real deal. Yet you inbred imbeciles still refuse to believe me when I tell you I am the biggest and baddest brother on this whole damn show."

The crowd take exception to this remark. Riija really seems to have got under their skin as the booing and jeering reaches its' most elevated level yet. The sounds of the upset crowd are like sweet nectar to Riijas' ears.

Riija:"Yet clearly.. You ingrates still don't believe me. You still cannot accept the truth of the matter, so you leave me little recourse."

Riija whilst looking in the opposite direction gestures towards the entrance ramp

Riija:"So once again, I turn to my supposed peers and issue an open challenge to anyone in the back..."

Riija turns his attention to the announcers table

Riija:"Or even anyone out here in the front..."

Simon Cowel: "Hey.. now's your chance to put up or shut up! C'mon, your sick of this guy right? Riight? Get up there and show him what you got Timberlake..."

Simon Cowel: "Unless of course you're scared...!"

Timberlake:"...Shut up Simon"

Simon Cowel: "Ha! I knew it. You are scared!"

Riija turns his attention back to the entrance ramp

Riija:"Come and make a legend out of yourself, and step into the ring with greatness."

Riija extends his arms skywards and throws his head back, waiting for any one brave enough to challenge him to come down to the ring.

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PostSubject: Re: A Declaration of Domination   A Declaration of Domination EmptyTue Oct 28, 2014 5:28 pm

the arena is filled with immortal by adema as kurios strides out to stand at the top of the ramp a mic already in hand.

Simon Cowel: "Its Kurios one of our newest additions. Is he here to accept the challenge?"

Timberlake: "No Simon he is just here to look pretty, of course he is out here to challenge the big mouth Riija."

Kurios raises the mic to his lips as the music fades away.

Kurios: "Riija, you're a real piece, issuing challenges. I was in the back listening and at first i was gonna just ignore you, after all i have my eyes aimed a lot higher then a bottom feeder who can only get matches by challenging the announcers."

The crowd erupt in laughter and chants for Kurios.

Simon Cowel: "Yeah pick on someone your own size."

Kurios: "To defend the announcers are not the reason i am here however, it wasn't until you insulted the fans and spoke of greatness that you caught my attention. For I have proclaimed to these people that i am their hero, and what kind of hero would i be if i didn't smackdown the loudest mouth in the biz?"

Kurios starts striding to the ring his face a pure mask of malice and anger.

Timberlake: "Alright Simon looks like we got a real fight on our hands, i cant wait to see who walks out the victor.
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A Declaration of Domination
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