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 Declaration of Intent

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Ez Rezner

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PostSubject: Declaration of Intent   Sun Oct 26, 2014 8:24 pm

The crowd is quiet, awaiting the entrance of Ezra Rezner, who was defeated last week.
Rezner appears on the titantron, seemingly in a corridor of the arena, walking to the ring.

Rezner: Last week I was beaten, and on my debut. This isn't acceptable.

Rezner turns around a corner, camera following closely. He is visibly upset and enraged.

Rezner: I'm getting a tapout victory, nothing less will suffice. You're either the butcher or the cattle, and tonight, Gladneys' my beef.

Rezner stops at some stairs, assumed to be the gorilla position. He stops pacing and stares straight into the camera, eyes wide.

Rezner: Where I'm from, you don't lose and come back stronger. You fail and correct your mistakes. This isn't a declaration of intent, this is a spoiler; Gladney - prepare to be corrected.

Rezner turns away and bounces up the stairs, preparing to enter the arena. The camera cuts back to the arena where the commentary team are getting ready to call the match.

Timberlake: Fighting talk from the youngster! Looks like he's confident he can pull off an upset!

Cowell: Unlikely. He's got a 100% track record of running his mouth and getting squashed.

Timberlake: He's only had one match, Simon.

Cowell: Doesn't that tell you something?

Timberlake: Nevermind, the next match starts right now!
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Declaration of Intent
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