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 Thee Don mind snaps

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Thee Don Black Widow

Thee Don Black Widow

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PostSubject: Thee Don mind snaps   Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:53 pm

staring straight into mirror Thee finishes her face paint. Voices fill her head ringing out " I am you your boss, not you " followed by sting of scar on her cheek, followed by voice of her own sister " I am been carrying you."

A loud frustrated scream and uppercuts the mirror shattering it in million pieces.

A determined cold stare and eyes of fire are closely focused on by camera as Rob Zombie's Pussy Liquor plays through her Cadillac radio blaring going top speed hit curves squealing tire.

Her sway of hips going to the music goes up to the door and with one kick bust door of hinges gun drawn and razor in other dead gripped hand.

With slash of her razor Death Gram hits floor unaware of the interruption, bleeding. Followed by hard thud pistol whip knocking him cold. She lifts him in a fireman's carry on her shoulders and slaps a red gift wrap bow onto his ass and makes a call on her throw away cell phone.

Thee Don: Hello sister dear I got a peace offering you been awaiting for, with big red frigging bow, get the kill room ready be over in 10.

Thee Don opens the trunk and slams his limp body into it, smiles real big. " Now shut up you face back here don't make me finish you off right now. Ah forget about it" Another couple hard beatings with end of her pistol. Trunk slammed shut. Cadillac engine reeves up and pulls way from Death Grahams home with door wide open and door laying in his front lawn.
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Thee Don mind snaps
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