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 He's coming (part 1)

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PostSubject: He's coming (part 1)   Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:41 am

The lights in the arena go black in the arena

Simon: Must be some problem backstage, we apologise to the fans watching the show, please bear with us

All the sudden the tron lights up
A message pops up reading "you've never seen evil like this"
The lights come back on

Timberlake: That was pretty weird, anyways, the show must go on

Simon: Yeah but...

The lights go off once again
A new message appears reading "the face of evil is an enticing one"
The lights turn on once more

Simon: NO, NO, NO

Timberlake: I think we know who is coming

Simon: I thouroughly hope not, this can't be good

Timberlake: I guess it's wait and see time...

The camera pans out
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He's coming (part 1)
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