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 Wolf is back..back again.

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PostSubject: Wolf is back..back again.    Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:44 pm

** GM Johnny Wolf comes down the ring and he has a mic. **

GM Johnny Wolf: Hullo, UWF fans!

** HULLO chants begin. **

GM Johnny Wolf: I am here to announce some more amazing matches I booked for tonight. Now as you this the 3rd show since I became GM. And everyone agrees that I made stuff a 169% better just because I'm here. We have new champions and new managers and more. 

** "Jacob Lews" chants begin. **

GM Johnny Wolf: I won't lie. I like him. But now it's time for me to announce matches! we have Ajaxx VS ultrakev. I have been told to announce that, don't be mad. We have a triple threat match with Lianon VS Kogoro VS Enigmatic Savior for the number 1 contendership for the USA title. 

** Crowd chants for a tag match. **

GM Johnny Wolf: AND! We have a tag match for the number 1 contendership between two teams with bad names..Unrelenting VS Improbable!!! Well, I am out!!!

** He leaves. **   

Simon: Look at this idiot. He is making fools of the roster. 

Timberlake:  Shut up, moron. He made us both smarter. 
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Wolf is back..back again.
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