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 I am your Ultimate Undisputed Champion

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PostSubject: I am your Ultimate Undisputed Champion   Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:26 am

We are live inside the arena at UWF, and the crowed is amped to say the last. Nearly the entire arena is packed to the brim, ready to watch is sure to be an intense night of action. A few seconds pass then ‘Hawk Hawk Hawk’ begins to play throughout the arena, causing the entire arena to erupt with boos. A couple of moments pass until finally Hawk w/Manager Jacob Lews slowly make their way out from backstage,Hawk stands at the top of the ramp looking out at the audience, who are baying for his blood. With a little smirk they head towards the ring. Finally Hawk W/Manager Jacob Lews reaches the ring, and with a spring in his step hops up onto the apron before climbing through the ropes . Once he grabs a microphone from one of the stage hands he makes his way back to the middle of the ring where he begins to address the capacity crowd.

NightHawk:Last week WE(Hawk/Jacob Lews) told the entire World that Ze Bacca would learn what exactly it means to be humbled, and I stand before you here now feeling like I didn’t quite get my message across. Sure I left him laid out, but then I’ve done that to so many people in the past that it’s lost its effectiveness as an overall message. Which itself has put me in a bit of a tight spot, if laying somebody out isn’t a good enough way to send my message, then what exactly can I do? It’s a problem I’ve been mulling over all week.

NightHawk trails off towards the end of his sentence as the overwhelming booing from the crowd begins to muffle him out. Hawk doesn’t seem too bothered by it though. Instead he just shrugs and taps his wrist, shouting to the crowd that he has all night. With little other choice than to let Hawk continue, the chanting from the crowd slowly pitters out allowing Hawk to carry on.

NightHawk:You people will learn that you’re on our time here, not the other way around! If I have something to say, I’ll damn well say it whether you want to hear it or not. Buying a ticket doesn’t give you the right to chip in with your two cents, it just means you get to be in the privileged position to sit in this arena and listen to me.

NightHawk takes a moment to think through what he’s going to say, allowing time for the fans to get in a few more digs.

NightHawk:Tonight will prove no different, and CC will become just another name on the long list of people that I’ve outclassed in this ring. So you people shut your mouths, and get ready to see the god of orw does what no other performer can.”

NightHawk then removes the title belt from around his waist and holds it close to the camera, making sure to center on the nameplate for a couple of seconds. He then removes the belt from the camera before throwing it back on his shoulder.Hawk is cut off again by the booing from the crowd, to which he just shrugs and drops the microphone to Jacob Lews...
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I am your Ultimate Undisputed Champion
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