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Widow Bianco

Widow Bianco

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PostSubject: admitting    Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:38 am

Widow puts cover up makeup on her bruised eye and looks back to see the UWF camera and interviewer waiting to approach. Widow rolls here green eyes and announce MIGHT AS WELL, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Interviewer:Widow Bianco , were sorry to bother after not so good couple of weeks, and you tag partner and sister seem to turn her back on you and assaults you? What does this mean? Is Web of Doom disbanded?

Widow: Well you see, some days your the bug and some days your wind shield. My sister will always be my sister, HOWEVER since we got camera crew here let's call and make up. holds her cellphone up and punches a few buttons.

Thee Don: What hell you want?

Widow:It's me sister dear, look i hate to say this but need to come down to studio face to face on camera, But you were right. I was wrong and .....

phone sounds like car reeving engine Thee Don: B there in 5.Make sure them camera crew still there whens I get there.I want this documented you apology and admittance of being wrong.(loud laugh)

Interviewer: So Thee Don is coming here? A exclusive only as it happens, Whats this large box for Widow?

Door swing open and Thee Don huffing and puffing says "WELL? All ears bitch?"

Widow: You're right and I am wrong. I shouldn't have tried to stray from team and took out on you, for you.

Thee don looks at her leering of distrust " Telling you if Bruno in here I am shoving him up your ass"  
Both chuckle. Thee don opens box and a black with silver finely detailed webs wrestling boots.
Widow grabs one off her and start to explain.

Widow: look these were my rookie boots revamped, and you as my partner were cool , but as MY SISTER. Hits Thee Don cross the face and tackles her to ground as interviewer runs leaving the camera man to catch the traded blows cat fight hair pulling and closed fist shots back and forth.
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