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 A declaration of superiority

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PostSubject: A declaration of superiority   Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:48 am


Camera pans around the crowd showing the thousands in attendance

Suddenly darkness fills the arena

As the chilling sound echos throughout the arena a thunderbolt strikes the entrance ramp and flames erupt, lining the way to the ring

Simon Cowel: "Brilliant! This guy again. Remember him from last week?"

Timberlake:"How could i forget? Running his mouth at the guys in the back..."

Simon Cowel: "Yeah but he sure did put his money where his mouth is"

As The Gatekeeper enters the ring, flames erupt from the ringposts as sparks cascade to the ground

Riija picks up a microphone and makes his way to the center of the ring. As he brings the mic to his mouth the lights return and the darkness fades away

As the crowd boos and jeers, Riija glances around the arena arrogantly mouthing off to the fans.

Timberlake:"That might be the case, but he still hasn't won any love from the fans"

Riija:"Alright chumps. Sit down... And shut up."

The Crowd erupt into a chorus of booing and jeering

Riija:"This is too easy..."

Riija chuckles to himself, walks over to the ropes, leans on it and stares straight towards the entrance ramp

Riija:"Last week... Last week I came out here to challenge all those pillow biters in the back... "

As the Crowd  boo and jeer vehemently Riija Tiamat smiles to himself

Riija:"... and for the most part they proved me right. The are nothing but a joke. Not one of them has a sense of decency or self respect... Well... Maybe one of them"

Simon Cowel: "Wait.. did he just say there was someone on the roster who isn't a total idiot?"

Riija:"Thee Don Black Widow. I got to hand it to you. You stepped up when no one else would. You have the confidence and self respect to step into the ring with greatness."

A slight cheer from the crowd entices an approving nod from Riija Tiamat

Riija:"But that confidence pales in comparison to your lack of intelligence. Or your arrogance in thinking you could actually be a challenge for the likes of me? Or even try to hold your own against a wrasslin' god such the like this two bit federation has never seen."

And once again, the crowd boo the wrestler stood before them. A few projectiles are loosed at the ring, one makes it inside the ring but bounces out as quickly as it came in.

Riija:"I know right? What a fool. There was no way a chump like 'Three Dog'... 'Three Don'... I don't know, whatever that peon calls them self, they just plain weren't up to the task. None of these so-called stars are"

Simon Cowel: "haha. You gotta love this guy, no?"

Timberlake:"No Simon. Just no."

Riija:"I dont want anyone saying though that im not a fair man. That I abuse the weak and rub their faces in the face I am genetically superior to the pond life they descend from..."

Simon Cowel: "Priceless. This guy is so on the mark"

Timberlake:"For the love of... Why are we still listening to this? The stuff this guy comes out with... "

Riija:"So once again, I turn to my supposed peers and issue an open challenge to anyone in the back..."

Riija turns his attention to the announcers table

Riija:"Or even anyone out here in the front..."

Simon Cowel: "Hey.. now's your chance, get up there Timberland..."

Riija turns his attention back to the entrance ramp

Riija:"Come and make a legend out of yourself. Step into the ring with greatness. Any of you brave enough, or stupid enough, come down to the ring and have your brush with greatness."

He waits for a moment for any sign of an opponent

Riija:"Anyone at all. Shawn layback? Nic Nitro? John Grey? Even that joke of a champion Zeno Kichi. I'm waiting..."

Riija places the microphone in the floor in the corner of the ring and leans back on the ropes waiting for an opponent

After a few seconds Entrance music hits and with a gliint in his eyes and a smirk on his face, Riija prepares for a fight as a new challenger appears.

Simon Cowel: "Alright! Excellent. Someone going to give this guy a round 2? Amazing, but who is it going be?"
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A declaration of superiority
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