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 Message to the roster

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PostSubject: Message to the roster   Sat Oct 18, 2014 4:34 pm

The cameras cut backstage to where Hawk and his manager Jacob Lews are in discussion

Jacob Lews: Last week was exactly the start we needed. Now, without a doubt everybody knows that we’re the real deal.

Hawk: We? ‘we’ like you were in the ring with me taking on Monkonro Jr. Nope, that was very much a one man job. Monkonro talked a good talk, but when it came down to it he didn’t have what it took to back it up. I might be a monster to face, but I’m not above admitting I’ve been tested – and bested before. Monkonro Jr was not a test, and he never will be.

Jacob Lews: I mean we. Who gave you amazing tactics to beat your opponent and supported you? I admit you did the wrestling but don't no sell me. Tonight you will be facing that idiot Shawn Lay-

Conan O'Brien runs into the middle and interupts Jacob Lews fixing his tie as he is given the go ahead by the cameraman while Jacob and Hawk don't look too happy with Conan O'Brien interrupting them

Conan: Last week you secured your first victory here in UWF pinning Monkonro Jr. Now Hawk, tonight your match is a Championship Match, against Shawn Layback. How do you feel about your your match tonight?

"Well Conan to answer you how I feel about Shawn and the match but there is one thing similar between us. Both myself, and Shawn- are talented superstars, regardless of what people say otherwise. Shawn is a man who I have faced off with multiple times in the past, and though I have beaten him with ease each time, he is not someone to look past. He is insane. Utterly insane.

Conan nods his head and pulls the microphone back before Hawk's Manager Jacob Lews shakes his head in disapproval. He takes back the microphone and continues.

Jacob Lews: Shawn Layback, this message is not just directed at you, but at the rest of the roster. Change is coming, regardless of what people think. What people want is to hide behind lies, which I will not let happen. Winds of change are blowing, and they aren't winds of new blood in this industry, they are winds that are coming to blow away the curtains of lies that are constantly put up by idiots. Idiots with ego, idiots with terrible ideals, idiots with empty dreams. They do their best to hide the truth with their avalanche of lies. But it will not work, not forever. To quote Buddha, though not an icon of my preferred culture, is an icon all the same: "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." You will not hide the truth. Not forever, and pretty soon, no longer at all. That is the truth, or at least one of the truths, Tonight our reign starts in UWF , and it will not be stopped. Johnny Wolf can claim to bring change all he want. WE are bringing the change. REAL change. Not CM Punk kind of change. Genuine change for the better. At least Wolf was smart enough to hire me. We are out. Stop rolling.

Jacob Lews drops the microphone and tells the cameraman to shut the camera off. Hawk and Jacob Lews walk off as the camera follows him before Hawk glares back over his shoulder, acknowledging the "lie" by the cameraman. Startled by the intensity in Hawk's eyes, he shuts off the camera right then and there, the screen turning to black.--
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Message to the roster
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