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 Wolf books

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PostSubject: Wolf books   Sat Oct 18, 2014 2:55 pm

* Johnny Wolf comes out the ring and  the crowd cheers *

Johnny Wolf: Hello, UWF universe! 

*Crowd boos*

Johnny Wolf: Relax, I was joking. What's up?

* Crowd chants "We're all alright!" *

Johnny Wolf: It's the second week of me being a GM in UWF. And I wanna give you one hell of a show. 

Simon: Don't fall into his propaganda. He will hire tpmadmike34455 next week if you support him!!!

Timberlake: No, he won't. Shut the hell up, Simon. 

Johnny Wolf: Instead of doing an hour long promo. I will just tell you what are the top matches this week. And one major announcement for the PPV. 

Simon: It's tpmadmike34455's debut!!! NO!!! 

Johnny Wolf: We will have Thee Don VS Rija in a LMS match! 

*Crowd responds with mild cheers*

Johnny Wolf: We will have Nighthawk VS Shawn! 

*Crowd responds with a bit louder cheer*

Johnny Wolf: And Jack will face Widow HELL..IN..A..CELL! 

*Crowd goes wild  and insane*

Johnny Wolf: And now after that bombshell, I am proud to announce that at the PPV we will  get Jack VS ultrakev for the title in a Lumberjack match. No one will escape that ring. Just like no one will escape the cell tonight. Peace. 

*Wolf leaves and the crowd chants his name* 

Timberlake: Wolf is an amazing GM. One of the best. He gives us what we want even on free television. Simon is a dolt. 

* A match starts *
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Wolf books
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