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 A declaration of malcontent

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PostSubject: A declaration of malcontent   Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:10 am


Camera pans around the crowd showing the thousands in attendance

Suddenly darkness fills the arena

As the chilling sound echos throughout the arena a thunderbolt strikes the entrance ramp and flames erupt, lining the way to the ring

Simon Cowel: "Woah whats going on around here?"

As The Gatekeeper enters the ring, flames erupt from the ringposts as sparks cascade to the ground

Timberlake:"Things sure are heating up..."

Riija picks up a microphone and makes his way to the center of the ring. As he brings the mic to his mouth the lights return and the darkness fades away

As the crowd murmors and chants, Riija glances around the arena with disdain.


Riija speaks into the mic, yet nothing comes out of it


Looking frustrated, Riija speaks into the mic again, yet still nothing comes out of it

He taps it a few times but still no sound

Simon Cowel: "Ha! What a bum. He cant even get a microphone to work. Jeez..."

Riija throws the microphone to the floor and slides out of the ring. He saunters up to the ring announcer and stares him down menacingly.

After a few seconds he quickly swipes the microphone from the announcer and brings it to his mouth

Without breaking eye contact he glares at the man stood before him and says

Riija:"Sit down... And shut up."

He slides himself back into the ring and addresses the crowd

Riija:"And the same goes for the rest of you."

the crowd boo

Riija:"Yeah, yeah whatever. The quicker you idiots face the truth, the quicker we can all get on with out lives. This federation is a joke. And you muppets are all jokes too."

Timberlake:"Well that's no way to warm up to a crowd"

Simon Cowel: "You got to admit though, he has a point. At least about the crowd."

Riija:"Week in week out you fools cheer for these limp-wristed donut-punchers in the back, as if they were something to be respected."

Riija thorws his head back and laughs heartily

Riija:"They nothing but a bunch of clowns. A jacked up joke. Not one of these creeps could stand up to The Gatekeeper. Not one among them has the stones to stand against me."

the crowd renews booing, a few plastic cups are thrown towards the ring but fail to make it any where near their intended target

Riija:"And of course... you little whiny cretins doubt me?"

Riija:"Fine. Send out what you got. Any of you punks in the back got the courage to come get their ass kicked, get out here now. "

Riija turns his attention to the entrance ramp. Looking for any sign of a worthy challenger

Riija:"Well? Whose it to be? I'm not leaving here without a fight. That much should be obvious by now."

Timberlake:"Good. Someone needs to come out here and shut this guy up"

Riija:"So whose it to be? Kurios? What about the man-baby Zeno Kichi? Or that juiced up freak John Grey?"

The crowd pop at the mention of the USA Undisputed Champion

Riija:"Or is the only one back there with any nuts ZeBacca? Or that creepy little pipsqueak Ben Hur? I'll take any of you chumps any time, any..."

Suddenly Entrance music hits and Riija snaps his attention squarley onto the entrance ramp. With a gliint in his eyes and a smirk on his face, he prepares for battle as a new challenger appears.

Simon Cowel: "Woo Hoo here we go! This one is gonna be a blood bath!"
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A declaration of malcontent
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