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 special delivery

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Widow Bianco

Widow Bianco

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PostSubject: special delivery    Wed Oct 15, 2014 12:01 am

Thee Don charges back to dressing room holding her face and throws makeup mirror to the floor with loud crash. She Quickly fumbles through a drawer and pulls out two pistols loading the clip.\

Widow: WHERE YOU GOING WITH THOSE!! Widow stand blocking the doorway with her tall frame.


Widow: Colton Cavalier oh, we have other way show this rookie he met with wrong sisters. (leans into her sisters ear and whispers Bruno.)

Colton Cavalier hears door bell to his lovely home,
a mail delivery person hands him a large brown wrapped package with no address. Colton shakes it bit and holds his ear to it. He slowly tears the paper to release an cardboard box with pull open lid. He pulls it back and scream " AW MY EYES".

In the box is a large Baboon Spider whom when shook was aggregated to throw his tiny hairs as defense mechanism at unsuspecting Colton whom rolling on floor of his own home unable to see with large spider loose in his home.
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Blas Carson

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PostSubject: Re: special delivery    Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:50 am

Later that night.

Shepherd of Fire hits the loud speakers. The crowd erupts with cheers and is on their feets as Colton Cavalier steps out onto the stage, however he seems to be fumbling around and messing with his eyes. Today atleast it seems that he is not his usually cheery and peppy self. He seems more angry than usual. He storms the ring almost instantly demanding a microphone from ring announcer Al Pacino.

Justin: Well damn, Colton seems a bit abrasive tonight doesn't he?

Simon: Well I don't understand why he would be such a way. He had such a successful debut last week.

Colton grabs the mic then starts to pace around the ring very anxiously.

Colton Cavalier: Well today was a great day. That is, until I was trojan horsed at my own home. Here lets take a look at it, I got it taped on video and everything.

The scene cuts to a clip where it shows the Baboon Spider attacking his face. 

Colton Cavalier: Not only was that attack very cowardly, but it's also considered assault by legal means. There is no justice in this! I know exactly who is behind these attacks too!

Justin: It could only be!

Colton Cavalier: Only the Web Of Doom would have stooped to something this cowardly! You know you can't beat me one on one so you cowardly assault me and my family at my own home. This has just got personal, come out here right now so I can kick both your (censored)

Colton Drops the mic and waits for their music to hit. 
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Thee Don Black Widow

Thee Don Black Widow

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PostSubject: Re: special delivery    Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:24 pm

black out over arena

plays loud as crowd throws hands in air making the spider hand gesture.

Thee Don: coward, please you down syndrome orangutan, you put your nose in business and  you got what you deserve.  Oh I am so scared of law, please I probably already have them in my pocket. You want want Web of Doom in handicap match YOU GOT IT DUMB ASS,   It's your funeral.

Widow: Careful what you wish for Colton, you will BE handicapped after this match trust us we're  professionals. As of assault, we didn't lay a finger on you. However for once I agree with sis here, you interrupted a long over do beating for Death Graham, he left me holding bag when we were gms, what business is it to you who we stomp, kid. I been whipping twerps like you before you were pooping diapers. But enough talk lets bury him under the ring.  

Light's black out again and they appear surround Colton followed by ring bell sounding
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PostSubject: Re: special delivery    

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special delivery
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