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 kurios makes his presence known

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PostSubject: kurios makes his presence known   Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:20 pm

*The camera pans around an excited audience when suddenly the arena is filled with the sounds of immortal by adema, and a large man in gold wrestling pants covering in ancient looking writing strides down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Kurios: HELLO UWF!!!!

*the crowd erupts in chants of UWF

Kurios: my name is KURIOS, and it has been a long journey for me to be here before you all. i have seen many lands fought many great warriors and vanquished the best every where i have lain foot. and now i am here UWF in hopes of finally finding my great challenge my place to earn true honor to my name.

*the crowd cheers half heartedly not totally behind this new wrestler.

Kurios: I understand you all are weary to get behind me, this speech has be used by many before me, but you have never seen a more dedicated warrior as myself. When your gm came to me seeking my allegiance to him and this company i to was weary. but now that i am here, i feel the energy and the need of you people i feel the begging of your souls to be free from monotony from the mundane that you are forced to see week after week and i assure you I AM THAT SAVIOR.

*The crowd finally roars showing support.

Kurios: and i know you dont know me, but i am here to save you all. save you from the sad depressing reign of the current champions who prim and preen but dont really deliver what you all beg for. and what better way then to challenge the current undisputed champ?

*The crowd roars its obvious approval.

Kurios: calm down my friends i know that makes you happy but as i am new i cannot challenge for the title its self but what better way to put him and the rest of the locker room on notice by pinning or even subbing the so called champ? i have everything to gain and nothing to lose. i need this win, i have to win, i have to change my fate my family curse. as you can tell by the name i am greek and have descended from an ancient line of greek heroes all strong and brave but sadly all of their tales ended in tragedy, but that ends NOW!!!!

*the camera fades to black as kurios exits the ring and heads to the back...
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kurios makes his presence known
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