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 Rezner Debut (unfinished)

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Ez Rezner

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Rezner Debut (unfinished) Empty
PostSubject: Rezner Debut (unfinished)   Rezner Debut (unfinished) EmptyFri Oct 10, 2014 9:55 pm

[Editor note, please include relevant post match assault at the end? Finishers etc in bio]

[post match]

A slim, balding man walks out onto the stage, dressed sharply in a grey suit. He has a microphone, and an air of confidence and pomp to his walk.

???: Good evening, UWF fans, and on behalf of the company, I humbly apologise for the quality of the matches so far tonight.

The man smirks, but returns to a very intense gaze.

???: You see, my friend and I were discussing this last match in Gorrilla, and we couldn't help but notice how terrible it was to watch. I mean, really, you paid for this?

There is light murmuring in the crowd, displeasure at the man's arrogant opinions of the man.

???: Don't get me wrong, they are pretty talented guys, but they shouldn't even be wrestling for free. Only idiots in the upper management would allow something of this standard into a paid venue.
My friend and I dislike idiots very much. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Derek Berretta, and unlike some other superstars my friend does not want to mince words with you, or appeal to your inner film noir appreciation by standing in front of a dimly lit brick wall. My friend here wants to make a statement.

[will insert yt vid later]

The following contest should be the MAIN EVENT of the evening, and it's happening right now.

[insert post match beatdown]
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Rezner Debut (unfinished)
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