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PostSubject: Wolf Of UWF   Wolf Of UWF EmptyFri Oct 10, 2014 3:07 pm

** After the UWF main event an unknown bald and muscular man starts walking on the ramp towards the ring **

Simon: What? who is this? is this an idiotic fan? get  security..

** Our unknown man enters the ring and gets a mic ** 

???: Are you liking the show so far? 

** Fans roar in approval ** 

???: Gord. Because I am responsible for your fun time tonight.  

Simon: What? you are not our GM. *censored* off, idiot.  

Timberlake: Shut up. 

???: Wrong, Simon! because I AM UWF'S NEW GM!!! 

Simon: What?!!! NO. 


Simon: I will quit..SERIOUSLY.   

UWF's GM: Let me tell you who I am. I am Johnny Wolf. I have been hired bthe board of directors to fix the fed. UWF is good and fine. But I am here to make it epic!!! there won't be tawdry booking while I am here! I am gonna be fair and square..But I ain't no pushover so don't cross me. But never mind that now, I have some announcements to make over the coming weeks. Probably about the great PPV matches I have planned. 

Simon: Is that fool gonna hire Bouncer? Avric? quiztestexam? Rakishi?

Johnny Wolf: No, those idiots are not gonna join UWF, Simon. But I will make sure UWF gets the best action worldwide. 

** Fans go wild for the news **

Johnny Wolf: And the best stipulations as well. 

Timberlake: I love this GM. 

Johnny Wolf: So make sure you watch UWF this season. I am out. PEACE. 

** Wolf leaves and the show ends **
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Wolf Of UWF
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