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 Contract Singing

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PostSubject: Contract Singing   Contract Singing EmptyWed Oct 08, 2014 10:45 pm

The camera suddenly cuts to UWF administrative building the focus goes to man with a expansive Armani tuxedo,a Testoni Alligator shoes, a Patek Philippe Grande Complication clock in his right wist and Ray Ban aviator in face, his hair is almost bald a tiny layer of hair still there, the shape of beard is perfect.Finally he reach to GM secretary desk.He carefully remove the glasses look to woman in front of him who cleary is distracted with her cellphone, he quietly waits to her notice his pressence. After a minute he clears his throat intentionally louder as possible. She looks scared for his presence, after some seconds she recompose.

Secretary: Sorry sir, i was distracted. How can i help you?

Lianon: I noticed you distraction dear and be sure that after i pass through that door *points to GM office door* you will be informed of you behavior. Well, my name is Lianon i have booked a meeting with XXXXX to sign my contract with UWF, can you inform him that i'm here and ready to talk with him.

The woman looks uncomfortable with Lianon commentary, unwillingness she take the phone from the desk dial some numbers talk with the person in other, turn off the phone and stare to Lianon and say.

Secretary: The boss is ready to recive you, just knock the door and enter Lianon.

Lianon looks bothered for some reason, after some seconds he make his way to GM. He stops and come back to secretary desk.

Lianon: Look girl, next time adress me as MISTER Lianon, i'm not a beggar who you can treat as nothing, do you get it?

She looks pissed with commentary after some seconds she smiles and wave her and just smile. Lianon gives a contempt look to her and make his way to office, he knock the door, enter and see GM working in his desk and taking some pappers, GM looks to Lianon smile and come to him offering his hand to shake, Lianon gadly accpets the greeting, GM offers the chair to he sit, Lianon and GM sit and they start to talk

GM: Good night Lianon, how you doing? The travel from L.A. was good?

Lianon: I'm fine, thanks for asking. And the travel was good my family private plane is really well equiped, i almost feel like i'm heaven when i'm there, so everything is ready?

GM: Yes, sorry for the little delay but it's not common a wrestler send the contract back with modifications because of it i must send the contract for legal sector analyze and say the "ok" for me.

Lianon: Perfect! Then we can proceed with the formalities?

GM: Of course i already signed just put you signture here and here and of gonna be officially a UWF employee

Lianon seems a bit pissed after GM commentary but he tries not to show it, he takes a deep breath, sign the contract and with false smile gives it back to GM.

Lianon: I hope we can do a great work together in this season boss!

GM: Of course we will! UWF has a ton of opportunities to offer for a talented wrestler as you!

Lianon: You don't need talk like that, well sorry for the rush but i still deal with my moving to city the more delay it more its gonna be a pain in the *** later, do you understand that right?

GM: Of course, just go, if you need anything i'm here.

Lianon leaves the office, suddenly the smile vanishes he takes his iPhone and start to deal a number.

Lianon: *grumbling* Employee my *** you ********, in the end of season let's see who is the employee...

Finally Lianon call is answered.

Lianon: Hey! Hello, i have good news, step one is completed...

Camera fades.
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Contract Singing
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