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 Dirty Deeds, done dirt cheap (show opening)

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Dirty Deeds, done dirt cheap (show opening) Empty
PostSubject: Dirty Deeds, done dirt cheap (show opening)   Dirty Deeds, done dirt cheap (show opening) EmptyWed Oct 08, 2014 4:16 pm

This scene opens with Shepherd Blue sitting at his desk at the new company that he just purchased.

Chef Blue: Looks like i'm back on top of the world again. I put my lifetime investment into this. Everything from AXN I used to make this.

Chef pulls out a very expensive bottle of scotch and pours himself a glass as he relaxes and leans back in his chair.

Chef Blue: Now time to relax and enjoy my rise back to the to.....

The phone then rings, it startles Chef and he falls backward spilling the glass of scotch all over himself.

Chef: What the (censored), who could that be. What could they want?

Chef answers the phone abruptly.

Chef: WHAT!!

What is on the other side of the phone can not be made out by the camera.

Chef: Oh, it's you. What exactly do you want?

The scene sees Chef clenching his fist as he listens to the person on the phone.

Chef: Yes. Mhm. WHAT!

Chef stands up angrily with the phone.


Chef then slams down the phone as angry as possible, he then throws a tantrum and starts throwing stuff off his desk and other things. He is then interrupted by a knock on the door.

Chef: Now who the (censored) could that be! COME IN!

Davebatista then barges into the room with a big suitcase and staff in all Black.

Chef: Oh it's you, why are you barging into my office like you are the NSA.

DaveBatista: I want my company back. I'm sick of your dirty business.

Chef angrily clenches his fists as he replies.

Chef Blue: Now why should I do that.

Davebatista smirks as he then replies.

Davebatista: Word on the street is that you are bankrupt, so quite frankly you have no choice Mr. Shepherd Blue.

Davebatista walks towards the gm desk and then the scene cuts to the UWF Logo. The Scene says welcome back Undisputed Sundays.
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Dirty Deeds, done dirt cheap (show opening)
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