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 Major Payne Bio

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Major Payne

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PostSubject: Major Payne Bio   Major Payne Bio EmptyTue Oct 07, 2014 8:52 pm

Name: John Payne
Other Ring Names: Major Payne
Nickname: AWOL Warrior
Age: 34
Height - 6' 2"
Weight - 195
From - Location Classified
Wrestling Style: Technical
Alignment: Tweener/Heel

Signature Move: ( required with description)

Tiger Figure 4 - Reverse Figure 4 Lock [will be replaced]

Tiger Clutch - Cobra Clutch Suplex

Orion Suplex - Northern Light Suplex


Bang Bang -
Major Payne lifts both of his hands pointing them at his opponent and shooting them like an imaginary gun executing a Bang Bang

Smoke Grenade -
Major Payne take something out of his pocket and throws it into the middle of the ring, the device explodes executing a Smoke Grenade



Major Payne goes up on the turnbuckle and jumps nailing his opponent
onto the mat while pinning and contorting his opponents arms executing Cross-fire.

Sidewinder -

Major Payne grabs his opponent and throws down with authority; while his opponent lays on the
mat in excruciating pain Major Payne applies the ankle lock executing Sidewinder

Tick Tock Deathlock-

Major Payne the opponent supine on the mat. Major Payne steps between the opponent's legs with his
left leg and wrapping the legs at shin level around that leg executing Tick Tock Deathlock

Background Story:

Major Payne came from a guerrilla military unit that went AWOL. He spent years in the jungles of South America living off the land, now he is back and has become paranoid, since leaving the military. He thinks everyone is out to fight him, Major Payne has taken a stand and is willing to fight anyone in his way.

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Major Payne Bio
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