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 Segment for after Death Graham Vs Widow Bianco

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Segment for after Death Graham Vs Widow Bianco Empty
PostSubject: Segment for after Death Graham Vs Widow Bianco   Segment for after Death Graham Vs Widow Bianco EmptyMon Oct 06, 2014 12:49 pm

Timberlake: what an Incredible match display by Widow! 

Cowell: I think it was a fluke! Widow got one over easy on a rusty Death Graham!

Meanwhile Widow stalks a down Death Graham as he tried to get up she kicks him in the ribs knocking him down.

Cowell: Oh Comon! You beat the man, don't do this!

Widow's sister Thee Don then enters the ring from out of nowhere and starts to stomp on Death Graham as well!

Justin: Oh how I love this, such brutality!

The sisters keep on kicking and stomping on a downed Death Graham, then out of the blue. Shepherd of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold hits the loud speakers!

Justin: Oh my! what is happening now! What is this Blasphemy!

Cowell: It's Colton Cavalier! He had a very successful debut tonight with a victory over John Grey! What is he doing out here?

Colton Cavalier slides into the ring, and in a flash he has gotten the Widow Sister's attention. Thee Don rushes at Colton with a clothesline. Only for it to be ducked! Colton then spins very quickly superkicking Thee Don right in the chin with great force! She then falls out of the ring unconscious.

Justin: Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

Cowell: What a Cavalier Kick! Thee Don never saw that coming, and now it's lights out for her!

Widow notices her sister getting dispatched then she herself runs at the young rookie, colton then drops under the ring ropes tossing her to the outside making her land on her sister!

Cowell: What a night this man has had! First defeating John Grey! Next single handedly dispatching the widow sisters!

Colton then helps Death Graham to his feet. He then looks at The Widow Sisters, then he grabs a microphone from ring announcer Al Pacino.

Colton Cavalier: You got a clean victory over him! What else did you want! Exactly why I am here in the first place, I am the sole savior of UWF. I will save this place from injustice!

The crowd roars with excitement, to the young rookie.


Colton Cavalier: Such cowardice, My mentor once wrestled with Death Graham, a friend of his is a friend on mine! It don't matter what you two do. I will always be two steps ahead of you no matter what! 

The crowd keeps chanting Savior as the segment goes to the UWF Logo.
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Segment for after Death Graham Vs Widow Bianco
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