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 Death Graham Seeking out for tag partner

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Death Graham Seeking out for tag partner  Empty
PostSubject: Death Graham Seeking out for tag partner    Death Graham Seeking out for tag partner  EmptyMon Oct 06, 2014 12:00 am

*Cameras go to death graham in his locker room*

Death Graham: so we are here in uwf so what should we aim for we could go for the big time and go for the world heavyweight Championship

Lewis U. Sipher: maybe we should take up some partnership and look in to the tag division before we go for the big time

Death Graham: Tag division you say well i might agree there as we just got here and don't know anyone here we better look around and see who good enough to tag with the Almighty death graham

Lewis U. Sipher: i heard there a wrestler that's a big fan of you  

Death Graham: you say there's a wrestler and hes a fan and works here at uwf that could lead to a partnership we just have find out who he is

Lewis U. Sipher:i heard he has a match tonight so it be good time to look at the match's plus remember we have a match against one half of the tag team championship

Death graham :Im not worried about widow i can handle her so lets go look for this new talent and see if he wants to tag with me no time to waste

*Cameras fade*
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Death Graham Seeking out for tag partner
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