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 Death Graham BIO

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PostSubject: Death Graham BIO   Death Graham BIO EmptySun Oct 05, 2014 7:12 am

Name:Death Graham

Country: New Zealand

Height: 7.0

Weight: 250lbs

NPC:Lewis U. Sipher

Alignment: Face

Gimmick:Death Graham is possibly the gifted wrestler with his arsenal of his devastating punches and knowledge of the art of Jiu-Jitsu. He has trained many years, very experience, yet young and hungry for glory. He stands for discipline and entertainment, he dedicates all his matches to his fans. His attitude and confidence speaks for himself, he is fearless and always wins in the Death itself. Always accompanied by his Manager. He believes he is meant to be the Top Dog in his federations and all of wrestling, hopes to be a true Legend one day. Probably is one already

Taunt: Death Graham Opens a whole in the ring then the big devil comes out of the whole the opponent screams in fear executing A Devil Riser

Trademark: Death Graham grabs Dhampir Savant's ankle
twisting it in an irregular way executing an Incredible Soul Crusher

finisher: Death Graham runs and performs a tirt a whirl spin around [nome]'s torso, catching the left arm and throwing [nome] down face-first onto the mat. Sitting backwards on [nome], Death Graham cradles [nome]'s arms in a tiger suplex style, tangling the arms with his leg!
Now Death Graham bends forwards to grab [nome]'s upper tights.Death Graham leans backwards and lifts [nome]'s hip and legs up to overstretch his torso and vertabrae. Finally, Death Graham leans sideways to pressure the arms and hip tremendously executing Death Lock
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Death Graham BIO
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