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 Ultrakev vs Thee Don? Singles match?

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Thee Don Black Widow

Thee Don Black Widow

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Ultrakev vs Thee Don? Singles match? Empty
PostSubject: Ultrakev vs Thee Don? Singles match?   Ultrakev vs Thee Don? Singles match? EmptyThu Oct 02, 2014 11:07 pm

Widow comes back from here solo promo and is approached by me Thee Don black widow,

Thee Don: What the hell, cut promo without you dear sister? hands on my hips.

Widow: It's not a big deal sis, I having a exhibition with old friend of ours, Death Graham.

Thee Don: GET OUT OF HERE GMDG,? Who's his partner? Would be fun to beat a old bosses ass all around ring.

Widow: No sister dear, just me. One on one match,it's been awhile since I had a singles match. You hear that crowd when my theme music hit, Epic.

Thee Don whine: Ahhh Widow, what hell. We're a team,Tag champs to boot. What heck am I going to do this week then?I hope you know I aint giving my title up again, no friggin way, Forget about it!! Aint no way.

Widow rolls here eyesWidow: Titles are safe. Just wanted to fly solo this week Web of Doom is still on, Think gm has you in match against..... hmm I forgot, lets look up on my laptop.

Thee Don: Just frigging great, now I have singles match, I hate having go out there with no back up. I havent had a singles match since I started this wrestling gig. It's better not be some gargantuan cop again, I swear I DQ soon as frigging bell rings.

Widow types away and pulls up UWF website with next weeks card.

Widow: Ultrakev is who your facing, here take look not a cop.

Thee Don looks at screen relucantly
Thee Don: HEY HEY HE's Frigging cute, Shame really.

Widow: Why's that sister dear?

Thee Don: It's like hitting a puppy with brick, not right. But again I am not beyond it.

Widow cackles Widow: Maybe what's left of him you can ask out?

Thee Don laughs: Yeah, I'll be like after the pin I'll look at him be like, How yous doing? Pick me up at 8 after they stitch yous back up stud. You's know Widow been while since I hear my Theme music The Godfather Theme performed by Slash. I just might forget how much of hottie he is and 86 him, then won't get dinner and movie. (pouts)

Widow:I don't know sister dear, be since you got out of state pen, you have been at my house. Might do you some good getting out other than gym once and awhile. What if your not his type?

Thee Don: Forget about it I am everyone type, what's not love? I got it going on in all right places. Plus  15 minutes in Razor Burn he'll be begging for me, whether he wants to or not.

Widow looks at Thee Don and about to give some sisterly advice on landing a man but refrains.Widow: Good luck with that sister dear, if it works let me know. (laughs)
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Ultrakev vs Thee Don? Singles match?
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