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 Web of Doom interuption

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Thee Don Black Widow

Thee Don Black Widow

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Web of Doom interuption Empty
PostSubject: Web of Doom interuption   Web of Doom interuption EmptyFri Sep 26, 2014 2:08 am

Timberlake: Man what a great show so far Wait the monitors just cut out?

Simon Cowell: Bloody hell!,

The lights flicker a second or two and cuts to total darkness

Simon Cowell:NOW WHAT? I can work in these conditions anymore this is ridic....

green screen fuzzes in on titan tron and the monitors followed by its scratch sounds.

background song:

Widow and Thee Don dressed to the nines in their Doom Armor spikes and skulls and their form fitting dark clothing off set Golden gleam of UWF Tag Team Championships around their curvy hips.

Thee Don says as she puffs away on her cigar: YOU SEE IT'S LIKE THIS: How's you fine folks like reward yourselves by purchasing THEE BEST TAG TEAM LIKE FRIGGINING EVER!!!! We got it all baby,and most of it's legal, looky here.

motions camera to follow her to a van parked out back where, Widow Bianco is sitting on bumper tapping her nails on one of edges of her Barbie pink chainsaw blade finishing of last bit of her cappuccino. She spits takes a bit of coffee out surprised by the camera crew.

Widow: Sister Dear, What they doing out here?, I would fixed myself up bit for cameras, while I say I TOLD YOU SO, IT WAS IN CARDS. Fate of Doom true believers.hands make a quick spider hand gesture in the camera just to rub it in a little more.

Thee Don: Forget about it, just show em' the goods, Geez Go on, Go on!

Widow: We have Web of Doom hoodies and T shirts.First 86 shirts are a limited editions signed by yours truly and my partner and dear sinister sister Thee Don.

Thee Don:That's right, now that's not all Halloween and Christmas just around friggin corner and your like What heck am i gonna get the brats. Mom and Daddy we got yous covered check it out. Web of Doom Candy dispensers press the button and a talk, they friggin talk how cools that (censored) and get candy out deal with posse able arms and heads who would want this, Hell I want both , these two aint for sale now umm display model .....Yeah that's the ticket.

Widow stares at Thee Don on the edge of back handing here for swearing on live tv but for her rambling on candy dispenser in general.Then realizes she's still on camera. Large fake smile but rage filled green eyes almost answering back .

Widow:Go online or look for van at any of Uwf events or favorite retailers and DEMAND THEM, WEB OF DOOM PRODUCTS OR WE BURN YOU UTTERLY USELESS ESTABLISHMENT TO ASHES .

Now Thee Don stares oddly at WidowWIDOW GEEZ What with you? Think you got quit hanging out with me so much think I am rubbing off on yous. Arson kind of not what was suspecting from you sister dear, usually to like to do some home remolding with your pink saw there.Mom wouldn't be proud , tell ya if she wasn't dead and in .....

Widow quickly covers her tag partner and sister mouth corking her next words.

The lights in arena and control of titan tron goes back to normal as if noting ever happened.

Simon Cowell: Those ladies and use term very loosely out of their lovely little minds and they have the Tag titles, Freaks I tell you.

Timberlake: Like it or not They hold gold and there aint noting wrong with freak from time to time. Think I want try that candy thing . I wander what flavors they are?

Simon rolls his eyes in disgustEww venture to guess probably cold sore or soylent green knowing those two sociopaths.

Timberlake: Think I just lost my sweet tooth now that you mentioned it. as a smiles is wiped from his face.
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Web of Doom interuption
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