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 Announcement of the new Gm!

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John Grey

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PostSubject: Announcement of the new Gm!   Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:21 pm

*Camera starts rolling and we can see a well dressed man standing in the ring, microphone on his hand*

Simon Cowell: He is Shepherd Blue, current Gm of the Absolution and the new Gm of this show, since we change the name of the show to Unreal instead of Undisputed Sundays.

Timberlake: I thing that there will be big changes coming in the future. Show already switch the name and yes we have a new Gm too, he is standing right there in front of us, in the middle of the ring!

*Gm walks a bit and brings the microphone to his mouth*

Gm Chef: Ladies and gentlemans. My name is Shepherd Blue, the General manager of AXN: Absolution! And since UWF is no more, and Undisputed sundays changed it name to Unreal and it become the second show of the AXN, it is also under my command now! Since my voice is the law now, you just have to life with it. Like it or not.

*Gm looking around and nod his head, crowd cheers*

Simon Cowell: Im okey with that! I like my job and i have no interest of losing it.

Gm Chef: To be honest there is a little crisis situation going on and because of that i am here. Im here to put this show back to the tracks and straight to the top. Im here to make the new orders around. Turning impossible to the possible. I gather the ashes of the UWF and create something new, something bigger, stronger and more exciting than ever before! I give you... AXN: Unreal!

*Crowd cheers and word Unreal echos the arena!*

Timberlake: At least the fans like the reforms.

Gm Chef: Now that im here, i have a first announcement to do! I´ll bring a new title with me and since the next week will be the ppv, we going to have a match for the Unreal Undisputed Championship title! So if you thing that you are the right person to hold this title, just come and see me at the gm office and you might be the lucky one who gets the shot for this title next week. And dont get me wrong, there will be no lottery or any competitions about who going to be in that match! I am the law now and i decide who has enough potential to get this chance to try to become the first Unreal Undisputed Champion!

*Gm smiling while he puts the microphone down and listens the reactions of the crowd*

Timberlake: Gm takes care of everything by himself, he also going to decide the competitors for the title at next weeks ppv! No lottery, no tourneys, nothing! Little suspicious if you ask me.

Simon Cowell: Well thats why it´s good that we don´t ask your opinion. So folks! There will be a title match next week for the new Unreal Undisputed champion! Gm haven´t decide the participants yet, but i thing we going to get that information soon enough too. So remember to stay with us or you can also read the latest news about the shows from our website.

*Audience looks very excited and Gm leaves the ring and exits the arena*

*Camera fades to black*
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Announcement of the new Gm!
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