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 Grey´s announcment.

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John Grey

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PostSubject: Grey´s announcment.   Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:31 pm

*Whole arena goes black for a few seconds, we can all hear music starts rolling, suddenly many colored spotlights starting to sparkle.*

*Its a bit shady, then two sparkle showers are launch at the stage. We barely see a man standing between them. He starts walking down the ramp. Lights brighten and John Grey stops front of the ring, he carrys a steel pipe which is covered with blood stains. Then he walks around the ring toward announcetable*

Simon Cowell: What he is doing!? He is coming this way and why he has that steel pipe with him!

*John Grey slowly reach the table and he doesn´t look happy*

Timberlake: Whaat! What you want? Dont hurt us!

*John hits the announcetable with that steel pipe, both Timberlake and Simon get frightened*

John Grey: Shut up! Or i make you an example!

*Music stops playing, Crowd grumbles while John grab´s the microphone next to a announcetable and enters the ring*

Simon Cowell: Phew! That was close.

John Grey: I´m here to respond to a challenge that Gm just announce. I am the only one at the roster who has as much potential as it takes to carry the Unreal undisputed champion title! Last sunday! Again you saw that amazing feat i offered you, beating that stooge Fulgore! I humiliated him in front of the world, i put him kneel in front of the world! Sure he got some punches, givin me some raw time but truly he was just another stepping stone for me. You see, i´ve beaten everyone they put against me in this ring. That´s why i´m more than happy to announce that i´m going to be a next Unreal Undisputed Champion! And monkonro! I know you in the back and i know you can hear every word i´m saying, i want you to understand what you getting yourself into...

Timberlake: Can he do that, i mean can he just come down here and say that hes going to be other one whos fight for the title!!?

*John Grey leans to the ropes and stares badly at the Timberlake*

Timberlake: Sure he has good records and everything but there are lot of guys in the back that has been here longer, waiting for that kind of opportunity..

Simon Cowell: Timberlake, buddy. Someone staring at you and oh boy he looks pissed off right now!

*Timberlake slowly responds to John´s look and swallows the words, then falls to silent*

John Grey: As you see, i´m middle of a something here and you dare to interrupt me Timberlake! Make sure that wont happen again or i come down there and stuff that fancy microphone of yours, where it doesn´t belong! As i was saying. Monkonro next time you stick your nose in John Grey´s business, it´s gonna be the last thing you do...

*music starts playing. Soruz is walking down the ramp, microphone on his hand and he enters the ring*

*Soruz stands nose against Greys nose. Both wrestlers stares each other for few seconds*

Simon Cowell: Look its Soruz! He had enough, he heard enough John Grey talking trash about everybody! And i thing that Soruz is here to silence Grey´s mouth once and for all. He is tired of listening John whineing about the accident that happened couple weeks back! Now those two are at the same ring, face to face.

Timberlake: We might get a some actions here tonight between those two and if look´s can kill you, there will be two bodies laying at the ground soon!

*Soruz lifts the microphone to his lips*

Soruz: John Grey! Enough of talking, im here to show the world what coward you really are and giving the real actions to the fans instead of just talking and talking! You thing you can just walk away from here after you push up your self-esteem a little, talking trash about others and bullying the weak ones like Timberlake here! You really thing that you can just walk here and announce that you going to be the one who gets that shot for the title!? Over my dead body!

*Crowd cheers for the Soruz*

Soruz: Actually i have a suggestion for you Grey. I am so sure that im going to win you tonight that i promise to you, that if you can beat me tonight junior, i will retire from Axn forever. But if i win, you going to abandon those dreams of becoming the next Unreal undisputed champion!

*Crowd yells! Soruz name echos the arena*

Simon Cowell: Hard to believe that John Grey never stops dreaming of becoming the greatest at this business! But i can´t believe my ears, did Soruz just put his entire career on the line!

Timberlake: Yes! And pretty reckless if you ask me. John Grey hasn´t lose a single match so far!

John Grey: While ago i had nothing against you Soruz. But i am more than interested about your offer to beat you for good! So i´ll give you one last chance to back off. Just hold on to those last pieces of your pride and turn back. To look strong you have to make everyone around you look weak first. Like you, when i lay my foot onto you and rise my fist above my head for the mark of my victory, while you drowning on your own blood!

Soruz: Whats your mouth! or i rip that tongue out and strangle you with it! You are nothing compered to me junior and you better get that to little head of yours!

John Grey: Come on give your best shot! Im right here! I´ll kick your punk ass and everybody here get to see as i destroy you inch by inch!!

*Soruz laugh´s and loses the focus for awhile, John lifts the steel pipe up and hits Soruz with it*

*Soruz sees it coming and avoids the shot. Soruz starts beating John´s face*

Timberlake: They starting the match already! Where is the referee!!

*John block´s after several punches and kick´s Soruz stomach, gives elbow to the head and lifts steel pipe up, trying to hit Soruz again. But Soruz spears John and continues punching his face*

Simon Cowell: Too much hate between these two! Situation is about to explode! They cant keep those fist´s down anymore. Look referee is running down the ramp, finally!!

*Referee runs down the ramp and slides to the ring. Both wrestlers still changeing punches on the ground and referee orders to start the match right away*

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Grey´s announcment.
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