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 Interrupted Peace: #1 The Interview/ #2 The Rage

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Zeno Kichi

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PostSubject: Interrupted Peace: #1 The Interview/ #2 The Rage   Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:36 am

The scene slowly fades in, showing a large Japanese-style room decorated with some weird samurai figures, large portraits of various sceneries and a small stand displaying various swords, which gives off an absolute Japanese-aura. In contrast to that was the fairly large oval-shaped table which lies in the middle of the room and around it is a set of large, brown, leather chairs, which stands out like a sore thumb and gives off an opposite aura compared to the rest of the decorations in the room.

Suddenly, with a thudding sound, Zeno Kichi enters the room. He then calmly walks toward the middle of the room and takes a seat on one of those large chairs in the middle of the room while making a gloomy face, looking greatly unsatisfied.

A moment later, a knock came over the door and Zeno Kichi answered it without paying much attention. A few seconds later, Sara Carbonero enters the room, followed by the camera crew with each holding various tools used for recording.

Seeing Sara Carbonero and her crew, Zeno Kichi turns to them, stand up and walks toward them, looking surprised at the unexpected visitor he is having and with the attempt to clear up the confusion, Zeno Kichi calls out to Sara, who’s giving out orders to her crew.

Zeno Kichi: Who.. Who are you? And why are you here??

Sara turns to Zeno and replies as she wears a smile on her face.

Sara: I’m Sara…. Sara Carboner.. (pointing at the crew behind her) and they are my crew.. And I think I’ve already told you about this on phone…. haven’t I??

Zeno Kichi, looks confused, shook his head as he tries to search through his memory but sadly enough, he can’t seem to remember anything about it.

Zeno Kichi: Is that so?? I don’t remember anything about this at all… I mean, I don’t even know who you are..

Sara lost her smile for a second after hearing Zeno Kichi but quickly regaining it and explains the situation calmly.

Sara: Actually, that was rude.. but since it’s also my fault for coming here so suddenly so let me explain it in a way so that you would understand..

She pauses as she takes a deep breath and exhaling it slowly before she continues.

Sara: First of all.. I’m Sara Carbonero, the interviewer of UWF.. I think I don’t have to tell you why an interviewer is here with the camera crew, do I??

Sara frowns at Zeno Kichi as if she was expecting him to answer and Zeno Kichi replies by shooking his head several times. Looking satisfied, Sara continues.

Sara: And a few days ago.. to be exact, just two days ago, I called you and we talked about this on phone and at that time, you said it’s ok.. remember??

Zeno Kichi, looking confused, place his hands over his head then slowly head back to his seat, takes a seat slowly.

Zeno Kichi: Hmm… I still can’t remember talking about such thing on phone but… oh well, whatever.. So..

Zeno Kichi turns around, only to see Sara standing beside one of the Samurai figures without paying attention to what he was saying. As Sara stretch out her hand to touch the Samurai figure, Zeno Kichi shouts at her with a strong, overwhelming voice.

Zeno Kichi: Hey!! You better not touch those figures, u know.. If you did ever touch them, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be walking out of here alive.

Looking petrified and shocked, Sara quickly get away from the figures and takes a seat on the empty seat in front of Zeno Kichi.

Zeno Kichi: So… why don’t you start doing that interview thing of yours??

Sara Carbonero smiles weakly as she regains her composure.

Sara: S... S.. Sure.. So.. urm.. well…

Zeno Kici: Yes??

Sara: Urm.. so.. why don’t we start with your name?? Yes.. what is your name, sir??

Zeno Kichi frowns at Sara, looking un satisfied.

Zeno: We’ll start from there?? Tch!! What a trouble… anyway, my name is Zeno Kichi..

Sara with a weak smile on her face nods as she continues.

Sara: So Mr.Zeno.. where are you from??

Zeno: Hmm.. I came from Japan..

Sara: I see.. no wonder why you have these statues.. Well then, moving on to next subject.. can you tell me why you joined UWF??

Zeno: Hmm.. I don’t really have a reason.. It’s just.. my father had a business here with Dave, the owner of this federation so.. I came in his place.. then, I just happened to stay here cuz Dave insist I should.. that’s all..

Sara: Mmm.. I see.. so, you’re acquainted with Dave Batista??

Zeno: Not really.. He used to visit us from time to time when I was little, that's all.. we're not on a level of acquaintances, I think.. or at least, that's what I'd like to think.

Sara: I see… then, may I ask you something about Shinji Kotaro??

Zeno: Sure.

Sara Carbonero, before she could even realize it, regained her composure and keep on asking questions with a nice smile on her face.

Sara: So, how are you related with Mr. Shinji Kotaro?

Zeno: Hmm.. that’s a hard question… he was assigned at my body guard at first but after spending a long time with him, he’s like a brother to me..

Sara: A body guard?! Wow!! For someone to have a personal bodyguard, you must be someone important.. What’s your real identity, Mr.Zeno Kichi??

Zeno Kichi: Hmm… that’s something I cannot answer, I’m sorry..

Sara: Oh.. ok.. Well then, shall we move on to next question??

Zeno Kichi: Sure, I don’t mind.. but are you sure??

Sara, looks puzzled, answers Zeno Kichi quickly.

Sara: sure about what??

Zeno Kichi: I mean.. you’re not recording this at all.. and your crew seems to be waiting for you..  

Sara, looking surprised, stands up quickly and turns to her crew, who are looking at her, with their tools beside them, seems ready for the recording.

Sara turns back to Zeno Kichi, who’s looking back at her with a puzzled face.

Sara (smiling): I’m really sorry.. I totally forgot about the recording..

Zeno Kichi (smiling back at her): It’s ok.. I don’t mind..

Suddenly, Zeno Kichi’s phone rang, which was answered quickly, but the moment he answered the phone, his face turn pale. He then furiously throw his phone, which hits the ground and breaks apart with a large cracking sound, making Sara and her crew shocked and speechless.

Zeno Kichi then quickly stands up and leave the room without saying a word, leaving Sara Carbonero and her crew all by their selves, speechless, stiff and probably, confused.

The scene then slowly fades to black.


Interrupted Peace: #2 The Rage

The camera fades in, slowly panning across the G.M office, flashing through the trophies and various kinds of charts hanging on the wall as well as on the table. The camera stops when G.M Takashi is in the view, busying himself with a pen that he’s holding tightly in his right hand and the quick motion of his hand and a pile of papers on his left side proves that he is working, and which on the other hand that he is really busy.

Suddenly, the door is opened abruptly with a loud bang and there stood Zeno Kichi, drenched in sweat as he pants heavily, looking exhausted yet also in a hurry. After confirming he has got the attention of G.M Takashi, Zeno Kichi wastes no time to rush over to Takashi’s table, grabs him by his collar and lifts him up, forcefully making him up to his feet while his anger-filled, glimmering eyes are fixatedly glaring at Takashi.

And with a strong yet cold voice, Zeno Kichi grumbles at Takashi, who does not seem to be surprised by the situation nor by the actions of Zeno Kichi.

Zeno Kichi: Takashi!!! You (censored)!!!! What have you done to Shinji!!?

Without answering a word, Takashi smirks mockingly as he brings in both of his shoulder, in a way to say he don’t know or he don’t care. As an answer to that reaction, Zeno Kichi pulls Takashi closer as he clench his fist and raises it, readying himself to throw a punch, in a way of warning.

Just then, two man, who seem to be bodyguards of Takashi, each wearing a black suit rushes in through the door. But only to their surprise, they are stopped halfway by Takashi when they tried to stop Zeno Kichi. Looking greatly confused, the two men speechlessly stands beside the door as they bluntly looks at Takashi. Takashi then slowly turns to Zeno Kichi as he lets out a light chuckle.

Takashi : Well.. Well.. Don’t be in a hurry, Zeno. And remember where you are right now.. and behave..

Zeno Kichi seems slightly annoyed by the two men, he let go of Takashi, but still not moving an inch.

Zeno Kichi: Takashi!! What did you do to Shinji!!? Answer me!!.. now!!

Takashi: Hmm.. who’s this Shinji you keep on talking about?? I know no Shinji…but… if you’re talking about that stalking little cat… I think I might have disposed of it.. you know… I don’t like being stalked..

Just as Takashi finished his last word, Zeno Kichi punches him in the face but as he attempts to hit him the second time, his fist is stopped halfway and both he is held tightly by the two men in black suits. Zeno Kichi struggles as he might but it seems in his current condition, he is completely outmatched both in number and in strength.

Takashi (rubbing his chick): Hmm… this is not so polite of you, Zeno… I was trying my best to be polite with you but… it seems… you lack some moral senses…

Zeno Kichi (still struggling): (censored) you Takashi!! I’ll kill you!! I’m really gonna kill you!!

Takashi (chuckling): How nice.. Zeno.. How nice is that reaction of yours.. I like that… so… I’m gonna grant you your wish, Zeno… But… Only… if… you… win… tonight’s… match… well then… excuse me for now.. for I’m a really busy man, you see…

After saying that, Takshi leaves the room, rubbing his cheek with a big smile on his face. Zeno Kichi, looking confused, quietly stands there till the body guards drag him out of the room.

The Camera slowly fades away as it shows the now-empty room of G.M Takashi.

One more rp to go.. xD

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John Grey

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PostSubject: Re: Interrupted Peace: #1 The Interview/ #2 The Rage   Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:35 pm

Awesome! Just awesome Smile
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Jack Tyler
Jack Tyler

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PostSubject: Re: Interrupted Peace: #1 The Interview/ #2 The Rage   Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:40 pm

yes he is Very Happy

only one or to small problems but with a fast solving Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Interrupted Peace: #1 The Interview/ #2 The Rage   

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Interrupted Peace: #1 The Interview/ #2 The Rage
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